Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #182 - Reality TV and Real Estate

This week Dean has a special guest from one of the top reality TV shows. They discuss the amazing opportunity in the market right now and point out a few facts you need to take to heart so you can get out there and seize the opportunity offered by this down market.

Also, this week Dean stumbled on to an assignment he created for his students many, many years ago. It was funny watching Dean make fun of himself on how he feels he has grown and evolved. But at the end of the day it’s still an amazing lesson/assignment. In fact when he did it, it was revolutionary and if you haven't seen will be revolutionary for you too!

So watch his blog and then as soon as you are done check out an old "Think A Little Different" assignment and Discover your Obstacles, Opportunities and Strengths.

Click here, listen to the audio and do the exercise yourself:

Enjoy this and pass it on via Facebook or forwarding the link to friends.

Can't wait to share this video -

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Dean thanks for bringing in another expert to confirm what you teach and we all know. NOW IS THE TIME! I'm busy setting up new remote teams across the country. Buy buy buy!

Buy while there's blood in the streets

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No better time than RIGHT NOW! Smiling Thanks for sharing this interview Dean. I remember doing that exercise in the link in the very beginning. Smiling I think I need to do it again as its been quite a while. Smiling

Go Go Go!

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thank you for another reminder of what an opportunity we have right now to buy! and as you have said more than once, it's only a window, it won't last forever, so we must GO now!
You are providing us with the tools in many ways, so there is no excuse to not take action!



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I think having Scott Yancy on here is right on! I love his attitude and also what you said about making it a "clean" industry again. You and the DG Super Stars and folks like Scott make help me feel proud to be in this business. I don't feel like I'm dong good; Rather, I know I am! Thank You!

Thanks Dean you're the Man !!!

WOW you never cease to amaze me week after week. This was great. I really enjoy watching the flipping shows. THIS WILL BE US SOON Smiling


If you were listening....

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What a great piece of information for those who caught it.
You now know what you should be paying for a house in Vegas that used to sell for 300K Laughing out loud

Time to get to work!!!

Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC member

Thanks Dean

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for more of that great weekly wisdom. It is always nice to see a guest in the weekly wisdom. I agree that this is the best time to buy real state.

Thanks Dean for all that you do for the DG family.

Steve and Veronica

Thanks again Dean

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I always look forward to the Weekly Wisdoms, but have never posted a comment below until now. I'm excited to say that I'm going to sign up with the Success Academy at the end of this week! So excited!! Dean, you motivate me to move forward...thank you!

thanks dean

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great motivation as usual. enjoyed meeting you and everyone else at the edge. i'll see you next year with success stories of my own.
keep moving forward, rob


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Thanks for introducing us to you friend. Dean, you are so very thoughtful. Thanks for giving us the Fast Start Form. This made me realize thats one of the things that is stopping me from realizing my dream. In the back of my mind I know that I don't have the forms at my fingertips, and that is scary. It is not just knowing how to get in touch with the right people and knowing what to say, it is having the right legal forms that don't get me into a serious legal bind.


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Dean,Thanks for another great WEEKLY WISDOM with your wonderful guest.Great motivation from you and your guest as well as wonderful insight.Thanks for all you do.GOD Bless you and your beautiful family.

Corpus Christi,Texas,USA

Very cool! Thanks Dean and Scott!

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That would be fun to have a spot on DG for DGers to post video clips of rehabs and flips. Wish I'd have taken video of our most recent one, boy what a transformation. LOVE IT!!

Great blog! Love your guys' smiles and excitement! Seeing the fun you have along with the success makes everyone even more motivated! You can sure spot a person who loves what they do a mile away huh?! Smiling

EDGE 2012 was amazing Dean!! Priceless information and as always great times with the fabulous DG FAM!! Already looking forward to next year! Smiling

Grateful as always,

Thanks for having your

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Thanks for having your guest, Scott and having him share his experiences with us. It's amazing and exciting!


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Dean, I am excited to say that come this June, I will not only be a Graduate of your Success Academy, but that I am blessed to ALSO be afforded the oportunity to get to stay home with my Son and work on our RE Business FULL TIME!!! I am doing like your guests wife, and staying home to make the MOST of this opportunity in this down market and get as much as we can going while the prices are still in our favor!!

Thank you always for all that you do for us each week, and I look forward to sharing with you all our success and to meet you soon!

Thank you!

The Browley Team


what he said NOW,is the time get out and get deals done PEOPLE real estate is a people business,get ot there and my it happen,don't be scared,like DEAN said they can only say yes or no move on to the next one,keep your heads up and move on to the next one all DG family have a bless week NOW IS THE TIME.

Do It Now

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Inspiring! Inspiring! Inspiring! Thanks again Dean! And Thank You Scott for your added Experience and Words of Wisdom!

Thanks Dean and Scott

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The blogs are always inspiring and it is cool to get to hear from another expert that is having fun and making money..thanks Dean!

I can relate to a lot of what Scott said. What an adventure it is working as a husband and wife team. John and I could probably do a reality show too! haha. I haven't seen Scott's show, but I definitely plan to check it out now.
Real Estate IS cool!

The Edge Event is like a learning vacation. It's PACKED with information, but it took me a couple days just to wipe the smile off my face.
I had so many laughs and got so many hugs...And how beautiful is Scottsdale!?

I am already looking forward to the Gain The Edge 2013!

Hope everyone has a GREAT week!!!


Buy at the bottom


Great blog! Best time to buy is now and follow the market up again. Most of the US is at rock bottom prices, not just Nevada. It will get no better than this.

Have a great week!!


Great Realty TV

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Great job Dean and Scott
Get UR Done

Scott and Vegas

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Wow. I need to find out if this show airs in my area. Very cool! Was not able to attend the Edge Event this year, but next year I will be there for sure!


Thanks Dean and Scott,

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I watched Scott and his wife flip properties on their show because I love to see distressed properties be transformed. That is what I want to eventually do to help beautify my city and help famlies get into a beautiful home. I appreciate all the continued encouragement.

Take action now !

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What a great blog ! I will have to check this show out, but not spend much of my time watching (as most people do) but go out and take action for myself !!! We are still so pumped up from all the wisdom and information from the Edge last weekend ! We wrote our goals for the week on our bathroom mirror and know EXCACTLY what we need to do right now ! Thanks to EVERYONE for the Edge 2012 event--we can't wait for next year !

I Need To Hook My TV So I Can Watch Scott

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It was great to see another investor on Weekly Wisdom I have a meeting tomorrow with a Real Estate Agent. I hope that she'll be a good fit, or I will have to look for another one. I am so ready to get up and running with my real estate.



Wish I could , wish I might claim a deal on Real Estate Tonight

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Thanks Dean for the encouragment. I work often out of the country and it does in all honesty keep me out of the loop. On the FLIP side, I have a long span of days inbetween. Still at beginer level on assignments. Will submit some offers this week and see what we can capture! Semper Fi

Thank you Dean & Scott

Getting motivated again thank you both Scott and Dean for the inspiration, still waiting for my success story one day.

flippinh houses

Hi Dean, thanks!- you have recharged me. I am and moving forward even more again and not giving up.. It is good that you can show that others as well are suceeding.

Tony C.

Do It Now

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Thanks Dean and Scott, Awesome! Cant wait wait for the new show to hit the air Smiling
John W


flipping Vegas - great show
All the HGTV shows and others like them are great for any of us trying to make real estate a career!


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Thanks for sharing another weekly video with us. Looking forward to your future videos. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

It is just pushing me forward, but quickly

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Now, I wanna get the advantage of this time, to grab whatever I can from this world before the estate gets bad!!

Thanks for your efforts and time .

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