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Eileen Byrne
Central Michigan
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I am a very lucky mother of 3 grown children and have gained an amazing new daughter-in-law. In the past I have been trained in various fields from administrative work to emergency medical technician. Time for Plan B to get me through the middle ages and on to retirement. Now that I found Dean Graziosi and friends I've discovered that even in retirement I will be able to continue a career with enthusiasm and leave a legacy my family could build on if they so choose.

So here I am after an infomercial on T.V. on a Sunday morning. Fast forward, went to a one day, then to a weekend seminar and now building on this great opportunity. Joined IE last week and am just now grasping what we have ahold of here. There's so much support in many forms . . . Thank you, Dean and thank you to the patient and generous coaches! My obligation now is to make this happen sooner than later. Like Carol says, failure is NOT an option as my financial resources remind me every month. It's a new day! One step at a time. Action!!

Reading, outdoor activities, music, travel, organic foods & holistic approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle

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