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I am brand new to this and just purchased my first book, "30 Days to Real Estate Cash". Not sure where to begin but I really want this to work for me. There is so much information here and I just don't know where to begin with all the information overload. So much of the lingo is foreign to me but I am willing to learn to be successful. Have always been interested in finding out more about real estate since I have seen some people do very well with it financially. My goal is to follow the steps and get my first deal so I can be successful like all the other students I have read about so I will never have to worry about retirement or how I'm going to survive.

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Hi Teresa,

I hope all is well for you today!

Am just getting back from vacation so please forgive the delayed response.

You mentioned I might know a way of getting started with minimum money down.

Please bare with me.

From what I've found it is Great to work with cash buyers! Cash buyers close faster which means you are paid sooner too.

Seems you're interested in the numbers so here goes. The cash buyers I work with insist that anyone they work with invest/pay a one time $1000. You get that $1,000 back when the first deal closes. You also get another $3,000. So you get paid a total of $4,000 after the first deal closes.

We find a property or a few properties together. I cover Earnest Deposits and other expenses. The Buyers have simple guidelines and I guide us through those.

I have bills to pay too so our success is important to me! I work with the Buyers and that's even more accountability.

The buyers are So Helpful and their strategies make a lot of things easier!

Once we find a property that the buyers purchase we get paid when the property closes which can be in 20 days to 40 days.

Everyone is an investor and once the first property closes there are other ways to make more money with these cash buyers.

I hope that answers some of your questions?

I look forward to hearing from you
and will respond promptly.



p.s. some call me Mae buy I like that
you called me Mary.