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Buffalo ny
Write, dance, sing, read.

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Self employed
No Children
Some College

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Mainly Just This One



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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.


Do you know anything about

Do you know anything about the Edge Teliseminar?

welcom e jevon

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hope you are ready to learn a great deal about real estate jevon.the people on this site are awesome.study all the posts that give you the direction in your plan and ask many questions.feel free to check out my journal.



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Don't Quit

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When things go wrong as they sometimes will,when all your doing
seems all up hill..
remember this. Lifes successes don't
always go to the stronger or swifter man.But soon or late the one who wins is the one who thinks he/she can.

Do not Quit Sweetie..
If you do where will you be?
What will you do?
You are talented obviously..
singing,Dancing Etc.
This did not happen over night.
Neither will this business of realestate.


your bio

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You should really take some time and do your bio here. This is where we go first when you ask a question.


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Hi Vonney,
This sounds like an amazing deal.
You mentioned student housing maybe a possibility. What schools are nearby?

Hi Jevon

I just wanted to say "Hi". I haven't read from you in min.

You are already successful. Don't give up!

All the best to you:)

My Favorite Quote Of Today: "You're not really free until you're free from trying to please everybody"-Joel Osteen


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Good afternnon

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Hows going my man?