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I am a 42 year old wife and Mother from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I have been in retail managament since I got out of college, and have spent of my life barely scraping by. Right now I am what my husband and I call FBI - flat broke indian. Barely scraping by would be a step up right now. Looking forward to making my life a bit easier with Deans Info. First step ... get enough money together to purchase the books.

Reading, Pow Wows crime dramas on tv

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Hello and good morning Trish,

My name is Julian Thomas and I'm a new realestate investor to the eastern shore. I just bought my first house in Bridgeville this year. with hopes to hold it for 5 to 7 years and sell with some sweat equity. I have all 3 of Deans books and would be willing to let you borrow them. Email me at JulianT_1 @ yahoo. com.. I want to assign or acquire reo homes at least 10 but the end of the year. with your help this could be possible and the profits could be split. hope to hear from you and good luck.