Just Released... Another Great Free Foreclosure Tool For Our DG Members!

Yep, you heard right! We are putting together another useful foreclosure tool for all members of the site. Best of all... it's free.

We've heard the questions many times... How do I find out if property XYZ is in foreclosure or not? How do I find out which foreclosures in area ABC are in foreclosure?

Creative Ways For Finding (Secret) Foreclosures

You may or may not know, but there only some of the foreclosures are actually being listed by the banks at any given time. The banks only list a portion of them at a time, and the reason is simple economics.

If the banks were to unleash to all the foreclosures back on the market once they become REO it would create a huge amount of supply, further driving down prices of homes - homes which they need to sell for as much as possible to recover their losses on the mortgage.

Boom Bust! Cities With Negative Equity...

Usually the bigger the boom the bigger bust. Although a bust in the housing market is unfortunate, for investors it provides serious discounts and the window for virtually anyone to get started.

Why? Foreclosures equal more inventory, and foreclosures plus inventory equal deep discounts. In a area hard hit there is desperation. Desperation creates opportunity for those who are not positioned to be the classic investor (buying up houses with cash) to have just as much action as anyone. Banks are hoping that someone, somehow will move the properties off their balance sheet and sacrificing a lot of equity in the process.

If you happen to be investing in area where negative equity reigns supreme, you are likely poised to take great advantage of Matt's 25:1 strategy or similar techniques of playing the numbers game for deep discounts.

Is anyone working any of the areas specifically listed on the chart? If so, please share your experience investing (or getting started) in a top 10 negative equity city.

Deal of the Month #8 - Ugly House Pretty Profits!

This is the house that everybody passed up. It was in foresclosure and nobody snapped it up because it was so ugly, and in such terrible shape. That's too bad for everyone who missed out, but very good for me. By the time I found it, the foreclosure process had already been completed. This was sad in a way, because I couldn't deal with the owner. If I would have found the house sooner, I would have been able to help the owner prevent the foreclosure from going on their credit. (Just as I teach using the techniques in my AFF program, (

However, by the tme I found it, the bank owned it, (REO). Now here's the kicker...I paid $60K for this "ugly duckling" put $30,000 into it to make it pretty - AND put $100,000 cash in my pocket. Oh, and I didn't sell it to do that! So, how did I do it? You'll have to watch the video and find out...

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Deal of the Month #7 - Word of Mouth Marketing

This month's story proves that word of mouth can still be the best marketing out there. In this video I talk about an amazing commercial deal that will net me around $1,000,000 profit. You see, I have been investing in my small hometown for a number of years. During that time I have let everyone know that I am a real estate investor and am always looking for deals they hear of. Well this deal fell into my lap for that very reason. One of my friends father's was able to secure a piece of property that I wanted to buy for years. When my friend called me up and let me know I immediately said that I would go partners with him on the property. Take a look at the video and learn how you can spread the word of your real estate investing and turn that into quick profitable deals.

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Deal of The Month #6 - From rundown shack to new home tract!

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How I paid one man’s foreclosure bill and built a house on a hill

Did you catch my attempts at clever rhymes in those two headlines? Okay, no one’s ever going to accuse me of being a great poet, but I do know how to spot a great opportunity. This month I’m going to tell you about one of those great opportunities, that was also one of my most unusual projects. A couple years ago I was visiting my home town. I drove by a run down old shack on the side of a hill. It looked abandoned, so I stopped and took a look around. Suddenly, I had an idea. “If I could get this property, I’d do something that would turn this eyesore of a site into a lot that was beautiful and bright. (uh…! There I go with that rhyming again). Watch the video and learn how I took a $30,000 investment and created something could return 1000% increase on my money. By the way, in the video I keep saying “I’m going to make $50,000” which is NOT correct as I’m sure you’ll notice. My profit is much higher. Maybe math isn’t my strong suite either eh…

Tick Tick Tick... Next (Last?) Wave of Foreclosures Coming

It's anyone's guess when the bottom has arrived on a national level, until everyone can actually see it. When that happens, as one can imagine, those great deals dry up.

What we don't try and do is actually predict the bottom, because the bottom is pretty irrelevant when you are getting steals on already slashed prices. By doing so, you are insulating yourself from further losses in the market, if your area is still on the downtrend where foreclosures are most prevalent. If it's not dropping, then you are simply pulling that more profit from the deal.

Where Do Long Term Investors Go Now?

Unless you've been purposely tuning yourself out from all the bad news with financial markets, odds you know it is now threatening the entire stock market and economy. There is a bailout plan on the table, which still doesn't have any guarantees as a "fix all".

HUGE (Smart) Money Starting to Snatch Up Foreclosures!

If you've read previous articles that I discussed the correlations between general investment markets and Real Estate Investing you know two things:

1. The smart money (the ones with super deep pockets) are usually on the right side of the market, when everyone else is head faked on the losing side.

2. The most notable stock market investors ever, including Warren Buffet himself, made their fortunes with a rather simplistic investment methodology - buying assets at 50 cents on dollar (or less) of their intrinsic value, regardless of if the market as whole was bleak or positive.

Home Loan Aid Bill: What it means to you...

As many of you know, the Senate passed their version of the Home Loan Aid Bill, a $300 billion mortgage bailout on Friday. This doesn't actually mean anything just yet, even in pure perception, because it still has to be merged with a House version, and finally signed by the President, who has said he will veto it in no uncertain terms.

Notably, this comes on the same day Feds seized control of IndyMac, a bank with $32 billion in assets, due to bad lending practices leading to it's demise.

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