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Dean's Tips For Mindset and Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

In this very special and exclusive presentation Dean Graziosi shares some wisdom on having the right mindset and overcoming limiting beliefs. He is also joined by Matt Larson to share great investing tips as well.

Intro To Real Estate Investing Training Series

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We have created a free training series for people new to real estate investing, particularly techniques that require using no money or credit (sometimes called "wholesaling"). After reviewing this information you should have a good understanding of how the process works and the simplicity of it.

Listen To The Conference Call With Jeff Jensen Online!

Use the audio player below to listen to Dean's conference call featuring Jeff Jensen.

TotalView and REIT Charts

I saw several questions about the REIT charts in the TotalView tool ( I started to simply reply in the comments, but it started getting long enough to justify its own topic. Without further ado...

Using The New Analysis Tool

Some people have mentioned they would like to see how others use the research tool ( We built the tool for anyone who looks at a house as an investment first - so that is us, or even just smart home buyers... but I will briefly share how I use some of the features to drill down.

The Low Down on (some) Cash for Houses Websites

"We pay cash for houses" companies/websites are a topic that come up from time to time. I decided to do some research of my own to see how viable these companies are as a buyer.

Naturally, we think these companies are cash investors. However, what I have found out is that is not always the cash, and in my sample, the was actually not often the case. Cash buyers/investors are the best kind of buyer since they don't need funding and are obviously quite serious. These are the types of buyers would we love to have snatching up our deals.

REITs: Indicating Market Upticks?

In the past I've discussed many ways to do technical and fundamental analysis on the real estate market. One of those methods was using REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts) as indicators for which way the market is moving.

Personally, my strategy is based on the idea that we have hit the bottom for many areas. Obviously there is plenty of room for some properties to go down some, and some to go up - but overall, this is my belief.

The anecdotal reports I've read across the country and analysis is what leads my to this, not a single number or source.

Where Do Long Term Investors Go Now?

Unless you've been purposely tuning yourself out from all the bad news with financial markets, odds you know it is now threatening the entire stock market and economy. There is a bailout plan on the table, which still doesn't have any guarantees as a "fix all".

Deal of the Month #5 Released!

We're proud to release the fifth installment of the Dean's Deal of the Month real estate investment series. If this month's video doesn't demonstrate the how persistence, patience and ambition can allow you to hit the jackpot in real estate, I don't know what will.

Deal of the Month #5

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Deal of the Month Video #3 Released!

We're proud to release the third installment of Dean's Deal of the Month real estate investing series.

Go and check it out! Be sure to let us know what you think of this month's video!

Dean Graziosi's Deal of the Month #3

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