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In Search of New Properties in Central Florida

I want to buy single family homes in Orlando and Tampa Florida. I begun searching for these properties online.
As soon as I find these properties I will wholesale the properties! Wish me luck !

In Search of New Sources for Properties

I am tired of the mls. I can not find deals there. I am going to try other sources. My phone is not ringing. I have to keep looking for properties. My business right now is dead !

I Need A First Time Buyer

I am trying to sell a house that I purchased with the mls. Wholesale buyers will not buy it. There is no profit for them or me. I have to look for properties some place else.

My Offer Was Accepted !

My offer for a house was accepted. Now I am trying to sell a 3/2 house in the Bronx NY. It needs repairs. I am asking $335,000. I need to find a buyer. I advertised everywhere.

My Daily Routine

Today I made offers on five properties. I made offes on five properties. These properties are located in the Bronx and Yonkers NY. I offered 15% below asking price. These properties need work !

Four Offers Today

Today I made four offers for properties. These properties are located in the Bronx NY. These are multi family houses. I made an offer 15% below asking price.

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