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My first offer was rejected !

My real estate agent told me that my first offer was rejected ! He told me the buyer wanted the property for himself. I offer 255,000 or 15 % below asking price.

My Daily Search for Investment Properties

Today I searched for more investment properties. I searched in I informed my real estate agent of my desire to make offers in these properties!

I Selected New Houses in Listingbook !

I received the daily list and selected 1 house. I added other houses to my list by searching "needs work".

I liked One Listing !

Today I found a new property in listingbook. It is a house with a high fair market price. I contacted my real estate agent for more information !

I Showed Interest in a Property

I found a house for sale online. This house price is reduced. I wrote to my real estate agent. I asked for more information about the house !

Made an Offer on a Single Family Home !

I made an offer on a single family home. I used Deans formula. I offer 255,000. I hope the offer is accepted !

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