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I found 10 New Properties !

I researched listing book and selected 10 new properties. That is a total of 25 listings. My job for this month is finish. At least one offer should be accepted !

My Search For Bronx , NY Cash Buyers

Today I seached for Bronx, cash buyes. I used tristate mixer real estate club. It is a great real estate club,

I Typed Proof Of Funds Letters

My real estate agent told to type proof of funds letters. I typed letters for all my offers. Now I am the secretary of my office. I like that !

I Made 7 Offers For This Week !

On September 17, 2013 , I made 7 offers on some properties. I used to find these properties. I offer 20% below asking price.

I Made 6 Property Offers For This Week !

Today I made offers on 6 more properties.That is my real estate job for this week. I offer a 20% discount. I learned this with Matt Larson. I like my new job , it is so easy !

My second offer

I placed an offer on a house for sale for $300,000. I offered $240,000 or 20 % below asking price.

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