I am so excited about getting started. I am a real estate attorney; lost my job 2 years ago then lost the farm (literally) and now pulling through bankruptcy. Credit dropped from 790 to 520. No income but lifetime passion to be a success. Now time for reinvention. Seeking reputable private money, equity partnerships, etc to get started. Interested in Baltimore/Atlanta areas for a start as I know the markets there. I have the talent if you have the trust. Thanks All.

Hi Victoria

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Wondering how you're doing?
Still want to get started? Not much to go on from your profile, got any updates?

I'm interested in Atlanta

What kinds of activities are you doing now?


Hi Victoria

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I am in Decatur Ga

Let me know what you are looking for and get back with me lets get this ball a rolling there is plenty of properties in Georgia that really needs buyers....I have found 8 alone in my neighborhood

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