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My name is Jasuia

well I am a newbie and so far i have not done much in the ohio area but I have contacted a few agents I am in the process of getting my buisness cards a website phone numbers and building a list of investors being that in cleveland there is so much to choose from I am feeling really overwhelmed!!! But I am excited to jump in!!! I have a great site if anyone needs a free voicemail to do an automated message go to


the number wont be local but you can check it from anywhere ok well good luck

Handyman Specials - CASH only (buy one or all) - starting at just over $3K

We have supply again (for everybody who missed it the last time around):

(Ohio) Handyman Specials - CA$H only - Buy ONE or all.... (direct buyers only)

206 houses (nationwide)
package price $878K

Individual houses range in price from $3,100 (IL, OH, MI, NY state) to just under $20K.

Please, contact me as soon as possible.... they usually go FAST!

Best regards,
Conny Wolfram

connywolfram at yahoo

REO, bulk, handyman, deal, special, wholesale, cash, nationwide, cheap, OH, Ohio

Ohio Investors!!!

Hey Guys...I live in Tennessee now, but I'm from Dayton, OH and I have access to some of the best Ohio deals ever! I've found a "hungry" realtor who has found for me properties starting for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR; complete with renters! Please send me a PM if you guys are interested in some of my deals!

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