My name is Jasuia

well I am a newbie and so far i have not done much in the ohio area but I have contacted a few agents I am in the process of getting my buisness cards a website phone numbers and building a list of investors being that in cleveland there is so much to choose from I am feeling really overwhelmed!!! But I am excited to jump in!!! I have a great site if anyone needs a free voicemail to do an automated message go to

the number wont be local but you can check it from anywhere ok well good luck

Hi I am a newbie to and so

I am a newbie to and so far i heaved done much in Akron ohio area

thought about this

Have you thought about going into Canton.

Columbus Area

I just started out and wanted to see if others in the area have done much business. I just got the book and I'm reading through it as I type. I will be focusing on the central ohio area and was wondering if any of you have had any luck.

Hey, We're in Columbus.

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We're in Columbus. Contact us if you'd like to exchange experiences.

Ron and Lynn

Hi Columbus

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Hi Ron and Lynn:

I live east of Columbus area about 18 miles. Trying to get started here in Licking county.
It has not been easy finding buyers so far. What is your experience?
Donna L

Hi Donna

I have just read "Your Town" and I live in Heath hope to get started in the licking area as well. I would love to talk to you. I am sooo excited about this. I hope to hear from you.

Ohio Properties

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4025 Station Avenue Ashtabula OH 44004 $6,680.00
127 KEYSTONE ST. CAMPBELL OH 44405 $3,094.44
292 WHIPPLE AVE CAMPBELL OH 44405 $3,094.44
338 DEVITT AVE CAMPBELL OH 44505 $3,094.44
162 ROBINSON RD CAMPBELL OH 44405 $3,094.44
141 MADISON AVE CAMPBELL OH 44405 $6,377.75
14744 Coit Rd Cleveland OH 44110 $4,601.35
3057e 123rd Street Cleveland OH 44120 $4,105.85
6207 Carpenter Avenue Cleveland OH 44127 $12,166.25
919 IDA AVENUE CLEVELAND OH 44103 $5,347.52
4145 - 47 E 135TH ST CLEVELAND OH 44105 $5,347.52
3997 BLUESTONE ROAD CLEVELAND OH 44121 $29,102.10
3397 143RD ST CLEVELAND OH 44120 $14,769.60
4407 Sackett Cleveland OH 44109 $6,095.00
37-37 1/2 Avondale Ave. Columbus OH 43222 $15,944.38
728 Leland Avenue Dayton OH 45407 $4,725.22
1248 Windsor Avenue Dayton OH 45407 $4,815.31
524 526 W Norman Ave Dayton OH 45406 $6,377.75
305 307 Kammer Ave Dayton OH 45417 $6,377.75
2688 RT 193 DORSET OH 44032 $6,284.25
1725 Coit Avenue East Cleveland OH 44112 $4,725.22
13999 SHAW AVE EAST CLEVELAND OH 44112 $14,769.60
315 ORCHARD STREET RAVENNA OH 44266 $14,592.40
32 NARCISSA ST STRUTHERS OH 44471 $6,377.75
106 NARCISSA ST STRUTHERS OH 44472 $6,377.75
836 TECUMSEH ST TOLEDO OH 43607 $14,769.60
1117 Miami St. Youngstown OH 44505 $3,094.44
191 W Indianola Ave #193 Youngstown OH 44507 $15,944.38
127 E. WARREN AVE. YOUNGSTOWN OH 44507 $3,094.44
752 DELAWARE AVE. YOUNGSTOWN OH 44510 $3,094.44
765 E AVONDALE AVE YOUNGSTOWN OH 44502 $3,094.44
560 Willis Ave #562 Youngstown OH 44511 $6,377.75
268 E Judson Ave Youngstown OH 44507 $6,377.75
3219 McGuffey Rd. Youngstown OH 44505 $6,377.75
25 Rutledge Dr Youngstown OH 44505 $6,377.75
104 Rutledge Dr Youngstown OH 44505 $6,377.75
901 Sherwood Youngstown OH 44511 $6,377.75
2726 Cain Youngstown OH 44503 $6,377.75
333 Pasadena Ave Youngstown OH 44507 $6,377.75
474 Norwood Ave Youngstown OH 44504 $12,661.06
14 S Pearl Youngstown OH 44506 $12,661.06
44 Wilmette Ln Youngstown OH 44505 $18,133.25
914 MABEL YOUNGSTOWN OH 44502 $6,377.75
345 W RAVENWOOD YOUNGSTOWN OH 44507 $6,377.75
167 GLENAVEN AVE YOUNGSTOWN OH 44507 $6,377.75
745 WINONA DR. YOUNGSTOWN OH 44511 $9,566.63
2537 TAMPA YOUNGSTOWN OH 44502 $6,377.75
16796 LORAIN CHAGRIN FALLS OH 44023 $19,101.52
3533 ANTISDALE AVE CLEVELAND OH 44118 $25,251.54
1074 SEYMOUR AVE COLUMBUS OH 43206 $12,045.97
224 WILLOWWOOD DRIVE DAYTON OH 45405 $21,324.77
Contact me if you are interested.
bluesummerventures at gmail dot com

question for you

Hi. I am brand new to this site and just noticed your post. You seem to have several properties mentioned in my area. Are you a local realtor? investor? which realm are you running your business in?

package deal

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you want more properties in youngstown with one being outside warren?...CAP RATE IS 16% i believe...?

Cleveland Area !

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Hello everyone my name is Carl and Im also reading Deans book and Im ready to take action ! Im from Cleveland and this is a city full of nay sayers but im about to show them that if you put your mind to it and take action we can make money in Cleveland also Smiling GO CAVS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello from Ashtabula Ohio

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My name is Tamara Bobst, My husband and I currently live in Madison Ohio, but I'm in the process of buying my first property with an apartment attached in Ashtabula, Ohio. I am still learning and reading the books from Dean. Just wanted to introduce myself to the rest of the investors from Ohio and say that I hope we can learn and encourage each other as we travel this journey into Real Estate Investing.


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Im drew. i been on the website for about 2 months and just joined the OHIO group today. Im a senior at Lake Erie College in painesville. your post stuck out from the rest because your actually in the middle of a deal. thats great! im really hoping that since im young that i will be able to do good things in life. its a please to meet you! good luck. can you tell me how its going?

Drew Indiano

welcome nieghbor

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Nice to see people in the same area. I maybe older but still newbie. Wish I had found this when I was young and optamistic. Now with a family almost grown life seems freeing somehow, bringing back the adventuring spirit. Good Luck in your adventures in Real Estate maybe we will cross paths along the way.

welcome nieghbor

give me a call 216-769-3769 i type like a chicken

I'm from Madison too!

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Hello Tamara,
My name is Kelly and I also live in Madison. I just read Dean's books and am interested in working with other investors. When I read that you were from Madison, I got excited. If you're interested in working with me or want to exchange information, email me your contact number where I can reach you.



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QT Laughing out loud

Hello Ohio!

Hello, my name is Brent. My fiance and I decided a few months back that we would dive head first into this real estate thing. We have yet to do a deal mostly due to the fact that my fiance has been spending most of her time planning our wedding that will take place in June. Meanwhile I have been trying to learn as much as possible. We are mostly interested in buying rental properties at first to generate some monthly cash flow. We are ready! Any questions or comments are welcome. I look forward to learning from all of you fellow Ohioans!

June is coming up

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Hi Brent. Just joined this group and saw your post. Hope all is going well with the wedding plans.

I live in Northeast Ohio, near the Pa. border. I can locate properties for you in this area if you and your fiance' are interested.

In fact, I know of one all brick duplex that has 7 bedrooms and tenants. The owner is looking to get out of this quickly. He has needs for cash and could settle at a good number if you are interested.

If so, call me at 1-800-617-5754 and leave a message or email me at for more specific info.

There is cash flow potential and instant equity too.



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We should team up on deals. (937)554-6569. Tom


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My Name is Drew I have read the last 3 books starting in december. im a senior in college and will graduate in the spring. I have learned a lot, but am very scared to dive in. I am from euclid, and currently live in painseville. I would love to hear from any of you about potential deals. ill do the same.



Hello everyone I seeking those who are willing to help a newbie out. Want go to work with those willing to get their feet wet or have already dipped into the pool of Cool Cash. Remember this old proverb I may not have it just right but I think you'll get the jest of it.
"give a man a fish he eats for one day
teach a man to fish he eats forever"
Go Fish

central ohio area property finder/ rehab capable experience

I've completed most of "Profit From Real Estate
Right Now" am looking for potential investors/
partners/Realtors who may be interested in swapping business ideas. My value at this point
is as the eyes, ears, and physical labor of a
business equation. My philosophy is "Think, Plan,Prepare to Profit, Increase Net Worth"
NEED this venture to prosper and am type of person that derives energy from the size of my bank account along with a worthwhile job done right. PLEASE respond to email: with serious business opportunities only. I won't waste your time please give same consideration.



investment opportunity

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Hello everyone I have an investment opportunity in shaker heights ohio, nice high scale home about 85 percent done I need about 15k investment to finish project. I owe 112 k on the home but the apraised value after rehab is 240k . Willing to work something out with invester please inbox me for address and info




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I'm tom and I actually live in vandalia. We should find some deals together because I am sure there are things about the course each of us understand better. I have my lists building and I will be doing a deal soon. I joined the credit rebuilding program and my credit isn't terrible but I want it to be great so I can pull the trigger on a deal and not wander if I am gonna get financed or not.


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I am in the Dayton area. Maybe we can work together?? Call me (937)554-6569.

yes ... I am in dayton Ohio!

you seeking a partner for a real estate venture?


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Hi everyone, my name is Tom and I am just getting started with this and would love to team up with someone to do deals or bounce ideas off each other. I live in Dayton, so if you are interested please give me call on my cell (937)554-6569. Thanks!!

Hello, just introducing myself

Hey there everyone, My name is Jesse Im from Cincinnati. I have been investing in real estate for a few years now, but I have just recently read 2 of Dean Graziosi's books, and I already used some of his techniques on my current deal! (thanks Dean!!) I have read a few others materials as well, Robert Kiyosaki, ect. I own several tattoo shops in the Cincy area, and so far my strategy has been to aquire cheap cash flow properties. (Im working on like my fifth deal now) mainly building retirement income, but I look forward to meeting & talking to you all about other ideas, teaming up with a partner, ect!! Thanks!!

newbie investor

hi, is anyone out there from columbus? Wanting to get started with assignments. Please help!

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