Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #330 - Where are you?!

In this week’s Weekly Wisdom Dean shares with you his personal “Life Book”, that’s right his life book. In this video you’re going to learn that realizing where you are now, where you want to be in the future, and why you want to be there is an absolutely LIFE CHANGER.

So take a few minutes out of your day, learn EXACTLY what Dean is doing to live with more passion, vitality and energy and just maybe you can do the same!

Today marks the first week of a 12 week series to find out what YOUR life book is. So don’t miss a single week.

Watch now!

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It's amazing

It's amazing how much we strive to have a decent life. It seems people like Donald Trump and Oprah Winfrey were born under a luck star. Our struggle just to keep up is insurmountable. Humans are capable to put up with anything in order to survive. This has to be the true definition of desperation.

Challenging ourselves

Beliefs--No matter where we are in life, we all have beleifs. The beliefs can range from one range of a spectrum to another. We are blessed as human beings to be able to convert sour beliefs by acting on positive actions which will uplift our spirits and make us think differently. GOOD BELIEFS ARE NOW ON THE RISE!!!

Vision--By having those beliefs that are now on the rise, our vision should be automaticly directed towards a healthy and prosperous future in all aspects of our lives.

Thanks for sharing this WW.

Kind regards,


Dean you never stop being amazing and keeping folks motivated.I like the Life book .I will definitely be using this in my struggles.Thanks.

Personal improvement..

SeattleDan's picture

Hi Dean, whats up..your speaking on the cornerstones of Life, to me, which are Heath and Wealth. Without Wealth your time is not all yours and without your Health nothing matters...lack of money saves many people, keeping them from destructive lifestyles. If you burn the candle at both ends the light is gone in half the time. Your work on Goals in the many areas of our lives is new to me. It lets you find changes to make that you wouldn't have seen without completely stopping and taking a serious close look..great work as always Dean..Seattle Dan

Exrcise and health

Without a strong and healthy body it's hard to have a strong and positive mindset. They affect one another. Live to be 100? Go for it Dean !


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Dean, Thanks for taking care of yourself for me too. You have been such a vibrant example to me. Because I know your health is what has helped me to stay focus when life eats me up 8D.


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I turned 51 today and I have been back at it since Nov getting the weight back off from a knee injury. I have a ways to go still but I feel so much better now. How can I spread the word if I am not here. I live by I DESERVE TO BE HEALTHY, WEALTHY AND HAPPY.

Dean I would like to give green bands out that say just that if it's ok at the edge.?

I love to workout

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Hey dean, I think this life book strategy seems great. I would work on making one for myself. I would say I'm addicted to working out, I go to the gym 6 days out the week as well for the past 5 years. But like you said there are other areas in my life I need to improve in.

Loved The Message!!!

This has been an area that I've let slide. I know it's important but I've gotten lazy with it. Watching you gave me the spark I needed to sit down, set some goals and start to make it happen!! Thanks for always delivering things that help improve my life in so many ways!! You're a huge inspiration to me!! Thank you!!

Loved It

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I will start my own Life Book.

Dean, health is so important it sets our mind, focus and is the basis for all success. If I realize that I have control over my body, I control the food I eat, drink, how and when I exercise. I eat sweets and carbs on the weekends only, but I work out twice as much so I understand that a sacrifice is required to eat those sweets and carbs. Recently I passed a life insurance exam qualifying for the best rating, my heart rate was nearly the same as a marathon running the nurse previously examined, my blood work was outstanding. All thanks to you. You spoke about diet and exercise over a year ago and I listened and took action. March 12th was my 54 birthday and I have lost a total of 55 lbs. I feel as good as I did when I was 19 yrs old as an athlete in high school. Now I am starting to add weight lifting to my routine to add strength. Everybody is asking me how I did it so I share and they listen. Thanks for all you do my friend. I am so grateful to have the privilege to share my personal success story. Thanks for this forum.

Weekly Wisdom #330 - Where are you?!

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Hi Dean,

Thanks again for your words of encouragement to your DG family.....Smiling

Life Book......hmmmm......Sounds interesting.....I will look into it.....Eye-wink

Thank you Dean for all you do.....xo......Happy Easter to You and Your Family, and your Staff....and to the DG Family


Out of the Shadows!

Dear Dean,
Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kim Cooke! Hello Dean, gosh I feel like I have known you forever, I have record of your emails back to September 2007. I have used a variety of different user names which someday I hope to clear that up. I started following you in 2005 when I became sick then eventually disabled. You were delightful and entertaining and gave me encouragement when all I could do is be sick. Took years to get better, body never will be 100%. Before I continue, I want to thank you for being my friend, you have never given up on me!

What is important, Dean, is that today I come out of the shadows. I have all your books, and special packages, I have been a member of your Elite Club, attended The Edge 2010, watched countless Weekly Wisdom's and web-casts. Gosh, I feel like I gave birth to Matt Larson. I finished watching the web-cast you and he did on January 27th, unfortunately after the fact. Too late for his No Money Flip Mastery Class course. Again I gained valuable knowledge from you and Matt. I have watched the market in Phoenix do everything you said it would. You spoke of a home in Avondale, that you made a fantastic deal. Well, in 2009 I purchased a home a little closer to metro Phoenix, built in 2007, vacant after 6 mo, $243,000, I purchased it for $93,000, July 2009. (Still live there!) Your Real Estate Analysis tool, values it at $145,000. I do have a brain full of knowledge that you and your family have embedded there. I have a hand full of projects which I became discouraged far to quickly, and gave up on. I really do get it!

Probably two years ago, after I canceled my membership to the Insiders Elite web site, I spoke to one of your representatives.
After discussing a few issues; he suggested that I attend your Real Estate Academy. I need positive support to get going. I know you have The Edge soon, I believe in May, would love to attend. I think my money would be best invested in the Academy vs the Edge vs another course. I really don't think I need more information, I need to get going!

Dean, I would really appreciate your advise. For now I am going to start what you and Matt taught in the last web cast and look over few of the projects that I abandoned. I do hope that you have the time to respond to me, your representative said you always read your blog.

Well, here is to shaking your hand soon! I will be one of your Super Stars!

Kim Cooke
Phoenix Arizona