Eastern Pennsylvania Investors

We are all here to help eachother become successful so feel free to ask any questions on your mind and someone out there has the answer and will help you get past this tiny obstacle in your path to success!

Looking to connect

Hi everybody. I'm new here and was wondering if any of you experts would mind giving me a hand. You know, kind of show me the ropes a little. I live in the Lehigh Valley and would love to connect with some like-minded individuals! Thanks!

PA alliance

Whats up PA investors! I am looking for partners to work with across PA. I have an extensive background in real estate. I have experience as a realtor, property manager, and contractor. I have been involved in many wholesale deals and have rehab experience. I would like to team up with "BOOTS ON THE GROUND A PLAYER PARTNERS ONLY". If you have interest shoot me a message or call.

Kloppopoly Corp./Checks4Houses


Looking for a investor that likes to be a partner. Partnership concises of partner being the money backer and I will find the deals , fix and sell. We would split 50/50. My area is camp hill, NewCumberland , Mechanicsburg area. It's near Harrisburg pa


We are new investors located in the Phila suburbs. We are in need of cash buyers. All info welcome ! Patricia


In PA and eager to get started....need a little help from my new friends.....

I am new to DG and I finally acquired one of his books! I am ready to get started.....I am just a little unsure of a few things. I live in the Coatesville/Downingtown/Exton/West Chester area and see plenty of properties in my area. I am hoping I can learn from some the members here who might be willing to give a guy a hand with getting started. Once I get the understanding....I'll take off like a skyrocket! Anyone willing to give a little of their time? Please?

newby excited

newby here am excited to get going. anyone in reading pa area looking to connect info..

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