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To the serious investor, my name is Edwin Epperson and my company Spearson Investment Group LLC is looking to fund your RE Purchase, Rehabb, Wholesale and any other "out of the box" Deal Deans students are creating. I have a Lenders Criteria sheet I will email you if you want. This lays out EXACTLY what we look for and if your deal lines up with our criteria, WE WILL FUND plain and simple. UNFORTUNATELY we are not lending outside the western Panhandle at this time, yet if you know a Hard Money Broker in your area, give me their contact info, we will begin a working relationship with that Broker and be able to fund deals in your area! I look forward to working with Deans students they are the best and most knowledgeable in the RE field. Go get'em guys!


Just wanted to say Hi to my new friends in Florida. And to share my asperations. Please read my bio if interested, sign my guestbook if you wish. Still courios, visit my website. Even more courious, PM me.

Good day to everyone, good luck, and happy investing.

what am I missing?

This is for the group. My progress has slowed somewhat. I seem to be very busy doing things but have gotten sparatic responces from my ads. Question, is this par for the course here in South Florida?

Read my journal to see if I've missed anything. I look foward to your comments. PM me if you like.


Attracting Buyers

Well, this is for the group. I've been very active placing ads on Craig's List, Backpage, and Exigoo trying to get buyers. I've also contacted ads in those areas that "pay cash for houses" to get some bird-dogging action. Question; is there something I'm overlooking? If I were moble enough I would consider joining a real estate club.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Pinellas County Florida

Found a property this a.m.. It just has a sign on the road, not even published. It is Bank Owned, downtown Safety Harbor. 2/1 and the sign is askibg for $72,000 cashk If you are interested let me know for specific info.

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