Hard Money Lenders

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New Group

This one is for birddogs to stop by and list their desire to help investors from their areas of interest. Be a BIRDDOG for investors, get paid.

Plz refer those you see who are willing to be birddogs. Please be aware that your email addresses are not showing as written.

The group name is now called "300++ BIRDDOGS" and, it's still growing!!

If you still want to reply here, great! Just remember to back out of here to the group home list, find the group named "300++ BIRDDOGS" and join! That way everyone looking for birddogs can find you, since sometimes the replies get lost in the mix of all the postings. Thanx.

Need To Raise 30K in 60 Days

I've heard stories that some people in RE biz make 1 million dollars per year and even more...that's awesome!
I need to find a way to earn $30,000 within the next 60 days...is this possible? What do you recommend besides the last two books I've read by DG?
This not only would change my life, but it would literally saved it.
Appreciate your experienced feedback,
Thank you.

Please Help! Serious Cash Buyers Needed!!!!

I have been having a hard time finding serious buyers. Please help with tips or please sign up as a buyer on my website. Any feedback will be helpful!

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I have a friend who mom passed a year ago who did not have a will and she left behind two daughter's who are now making the mortgage payments of $2100 a month the house is upside down at $389,000.

The house now is only worth $305,000 the mortgate company sent them a letter stating they can get a new loan that will bring the mortgage down but due to mortgage being in the mother's name they can not get the loan changed to lower the monthly mortgage.

What if any can they do?

Also one of girl's don't work and they are 3 months behind in mortgage right now.

Thanks for your time and help.


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