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Cynthia Brady
Groesbeck, TX.
About Me: 

I work at MSSLC as a Keyboard Operator. I've moved here just 2yrs now. I would like to change my life around to a new adventure. This is what I've been looking for to do .I hope to have a success like all your other student.
I'm from Houston,Texas. will be 50yrs in July.I just ordered The edge 2013. I have 4 gorgeous children, and 6 beautiful grand children. I feel I'm blessed to have all them healthy. Thanks to God. I'm am married and my hubby and I are looking forward in joining all the GD Family. And hope to be welcomed into the DG family.

I like to bike ride and bowling, love swimming.

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Keyboard Operator
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


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Welcome Aboard

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I read your post about going to the summit and was touched by the way you wrote it. Welcome to the site and the family. This is a place that we help eachother out....Keith


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Hi Cynthia
I saw your bio. I am in TX as well and wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to the DG Family.

Thanks for the Welcome

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Hello, It's good to finally finding someone in Texas. My husband and I both share this site. And we would any good advice on things that would help us make our first deal.
You can also contact my husband at DG/ stx55rei He would also like to more people on our DG Family. We would like to know what part of Texas are you from? We are in the Waco area.


I never know Cindy likes bowling,this is good to know this may get me out of the dog house some day


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What part of Texas are you investing in? Are you looking for a partner?

Texas Investor

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I hope you get this one, I would like ti know what part of Texas are you investing in? and are you looking for a partner?