Houston REI Club

I am new to Dean's club, but am looking forward to a great career in Real Estate. I am in the Humble are looking to invest in the Houston market. Looking for others to meet with on an ongoing basis to share information and help each other out in this process.

3 day bootcamp (one extra ticket) Nov. 5th/6th/7

hey sorry im new i'm trying to post this ad..listen
I have an extra ticket to this training not a seminar.
this is a 3 full day training and investors will be there. perfect place to network!!!! not giving up the location until we meet. I will give the ticket to you for $190 I mean this is crazy cheap! I should be selling for $1000 but anyway they are sold out! and if you want to go and be my guest email me at aplus500@yahoo or get w/ me on here might be good send to both just to make sure.

ok well thanks have a great day! I hope you see the benefit of this price and training! cash investors there!

Urgent HUD Update

Just got this information relating to HUD changes affecting seller financing. This information is courtesy of Road 2 Success.

The following information is extremely important!

HUD Issues Problematic Rules Interpreting SAFE Mortgage Licensing ACT
HUD has proposed to eliminate ALL seller financing unless the seller lives in the home or becomes a licensed mortgage originator. The proposed HUD Rules interpreting the federal SAFE mortgage act can be viewed at www.regulations.gov Use the search parameter "HUD" and the keyword “safe”. Please review and comment regarding the impact of this broad interpretation of the law.

Hey All

Anybody home in here? I was wondering if there were others doing well in the Houston area.

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