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newbee introduction

Just came in to say hi to all of you. I just finished both books in a matter of days. Just can't say enough about them. I will be meeting with a local realtor friend of mine tomorrow to discuss what I've learned and to get her to help me with intros to mortgage brokers and RE lawyers she knows. She has a school friend in real estate in a busy military town. I hopefully will be working with her also. Can't wait to start finding those killer deals. My question is how do I insure these people are payed for their effotrs?

Looking for Angel Investor

Hello Patrons.

Need of Funds to Used for a gift to be repaid at a closing im looking to do nxt M.O. on a hose 2. Need to borrow $10,000
To use at closing Will pay $500.00 For 1 Day transaction...Principals Please

Re. gsewell


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I just wanted to stop by your guestbook and wish you good luck with real estate investing. Each day continue to increase your knowledge with real estate and before long good things will happen. Keep up the good work and we look forward to reading about your progress. You can do it! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


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How is everything going? Ive read some of your older posts and it looked like you were moving along!

Hows it been going lately?


I am sure they will let you know!! You will be great!!

Took A Break

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Hey all. I took a break from all this over the holidays and am slowly getting back into it. I have not done my first deal yet. So I am still working on getting over that hurdle.

Thanks to you all for checking in on me.

Looking For Angel Investor

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Hey Gerald,

I was browsing thru your guestbook and noticed your post back in September. How'd that deal play out? do you have any deals in the fire @ present?
Looking forward to your reply. Keep in touch.


Wow! I don't look at my

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Wow! I don't look at my wall much, so I never notice new messages here. Sorry for the long delay in the reply.

That deal I was working on did not go through, the agent I had at the time did not want to submit my low offer so I sent the owner mail, but they did not reply. I plan on sending them something again this week. The house was still for sale the last time I checked.

I am taking a couple days off, trying a new technique. Going to look around my area for vacant houses. Do some research on them and send the owners mail showing interest in buying the property.

I am still plugging away at it and have not had success yet. I really want this to work so I am trying the best I can when I have time.

Seeking Advice!

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Hello Mr. Daniels, my name is David Cantu from Houston,TX and I am inquiring about wholesaling prop. off the MLS. Have you heard anything about that? If so, what doc's do I need, and how do I go about to get them? Thanks! Feeel free to contact me: (832) 335-3260, davi_cantu@****

David you can just call me

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David you can just call me Gerald.

Anyway, I would think that you would need to deal with an agent to get your wholesale property listed on the MLS. Also, they would provide what ever forms you may need to fill out in that situation.

Also, here on Dean's sight there is a section where there are a lot of forms a real estate investor may need for his/her deals. These are located here Forms and Docs