I'm looking for Bird-doggers in upstate NY area

I just started and want to know if you are interested in joining my power team located in the upstate New York Area


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Fill out your bio. This will help you when other investors want to connect with you. We usually do not do any wholesaling, we are strictly buy and hold, but if I run across a deal I would pass it your way...Jan

About Myself!

Hi everybody! My interest had grown in real estate sense 1990 when I got involved in an vacation ownership program which is called time-sharing. I didn't do well in it, but, I begin to learn how real estate operates. From then on, I did lots of extensive research in real estate to learn that it's the best entrepreneurship business in America. Right now, I've been a part of Financial Insiders sense March. Even though, I haven't establish a deal yet, I'm continuing to pursue the mission. All I need is one-on-one coaching with someone in the NY metropolitan area that I could hook up with to show me the way without putting up the finances which I don't have now. Afterwards, we can negotiate a payment. Thank you and good luck to everybody!

About Your Offer!

Hi there! Yes! I'm interested on being a Bird-Dog! Just send me the information! Thank you.

Ready to start locating your properties ASAP ???

Im ready to start looking for properties for you. Just contact me i will start immediately. Thank you .

Looking for cash buyers

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I have some incredible deals and I am looking for cash buyers in Upstate NY. If you know any who is interested in the Rochester, Greece area let me know.

multi units in raleigh or charleston

if anyone know of any nice multi unit deals in raleigh or charleston area
pls forward to me


bird dogging

Hello. I'm in the western NY area. You can email me at amdockerysr@**** or call me at 716-998-3134. My name is Drew.

I have an extremely strong Cash Buyer List in Your Areas

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Hey, my name is Karen and I have a very strong up to date cash buyers list in your area. Let me know if you are interested. Text me at 6316260933

Thanks and God bless


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