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Oh what a great experience that would be and especially with all the knowlegeable people possibly being on board that ship but the thought of being on a ship is a big NO CAN DO!! i was on the worst cruise in a lifetime about 20 years ago. The water was coming right over our railings (when they said swap the decks those poor workers really had to SWAP the decks). The pool had to be emptied, the bars had to be closed down (dishes and glasses falling all over the place). Even the doctor was sick and could not be found!! Some left after porting at Bahama Island leaving all their belongings on the ship. One poor man fell of his wheelchair and hit his head..oh it was terrible! Lo and behold a helicopter had to come and escort our ship and one other that we had to meet up with in the ocean (for safety sake) go on another cruise...I DONT THINK SO!!! but would love to meet all of our DG FAMILY someday.
Donna/ Cosmas


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Hi Donna,
Welcome to the DG Fam. The Cruise is not next year's Edge event. It is something Jay StHillaire is organizing. The Edge will (probably) be again in Phoenix in May. It will be all over the site. I think if you p.m. Carol Stinson, she would reply to you.

Thank You

Thank you. I do want to go to next years edge so i am hoping it is not a cruise.

Welcome Donna

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Hi Donna...Stopping by to welcome you and say hello. I hope you find all the answers to your REI questions here on the board. If not post your questions on the board and you will get lots of help. Also if you fill out your profile chances are there is another one of Deans board members living close to you that are willing to team up with you and do some deals. Many positive benefits have came from our profiles. All my best to you.

Your 400 points away from the inner circle

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Keep up the good work godbless.