Investors of Virginia

Now starting and inviting everyone in Virginia to join in and network, partner, fund, buy and sell and invest in Real Estate here in the Beautiful state of Virginia. Come on in and lets get going!

Hard money

I am looking to fix and flip in Williamsburg VA.
Any hard money lenders please contact me


I am a birddoger in Va. And I found a house you might be interested.
Located in prestigious Deer Haven. Only 8 miles from downtown Roanoke Va. 4 bedroom 2.5 Bath
asking 359,950 asking
MOTIVATED SELLER Being all offer we are ready to move to Raleigh to be closer to our children!
Contact John at 540-816-0532
You may contact me at 540-400-6392
about my fee

Investors of Virginia Group

Have you contacted any of the members here?
If not, WHY not? We have 25 members and growing.

Click their username and read the profile and contact them.

Network and pull some deals together. Find out what avenues we have in common and what kind of deals we're looking for.

How far are we with training, problems we're having, types of funding available for deals if any or funding needed, marketing problems or solutions, etc.

Strength is in numbers, so get stronger by building a team here in the "Investors of Virginia" and get closer to reaching your goals.

Feel free to PM me with questions,concerns or suggestions or just post them.


Investors in Virgina

Where are you all at?? Get in here and give us an update.

DG members in Virginia

Sign in here to network with other investors in Virginia.

Want to Live in a Home for FREE? Can you follow directions?

Serious investors do it all the time and make $10k a month or more without leaving their home/office very often. You want to too don't you? Sure you do and so does EVERYONE else. You can and will IF you can follow simple instructions. This road has been laid out in front of YOU and all YOU have to do is follow it. BUT, YOU HAVE TO MAKE SOME CHANGES.

Let's Get Going!

OK it's time for us to GET GOING-Let's get together and find out what interest we have and deals that need to be put together to start making some money. Who's first?

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