Saturday's LiveCast Replay ready for YOU to watch.

Our Saturday 5 hour LIVE training turned out to be something incredible. Sorry if you missed it live, BUT we worked all night and got the replay up for those who could not make it. Go check it out and why it turned out to be "the day of the empowered women" Eye-wink Watch the LiveCast!


Has it started yet?

cannot see it

Cannot view video, says "channel owner has prohibited viewing from this page" any ideas??????

Cannot view it

I tried to click on the link and this is what is says....

The channel owner has prohibited viewing from this page....dont understand :-/

Continuous Buffering

I'm just getting a bunch of clicks of people posting in the comments section and a continuous buffering. May be my internet connection.

Great show!

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I am so interested in learning from Dean, this site, and members. Looking so forward to purchase a home for my family and investing as me and my husband grow.

Anyone in the Rochester, New York area with ideas. Especially how to financing a home with a not so great credit score.

Thank you.

Thanks for the Video!

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Just gotta get up and GOOOOOO! Right? OK!

amazing video

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Hi Dean that was amazing,i really wish i could be a IE member again but it's just not a option for me and thats sucks,but all the inspiring stories i heard today lifted my spirits so thank YOU ALL i really needed that more than ever!!!!!


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awesome livecast. right in the last 20 minutes or so my screen froze. I could hear you, but couldn't do anything else. being an original member of i.e. I wanted to make sure I renewed and also chomping at the bit to try out the new anylizer, but have to wait until tomorrow I guess. again great show. I enjoyed meeting john and Julie last year and am glad to hear of their progress.
keep moving forward, rob

Live Cast- Dean Inside Elite on March 21, 2013

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Yes, This was good to hear other poeple tell their stories and their success. I need this to over come my road blocks, How to face them head on and get ideals to over come them and put them aside and move forword with the business. Super job keep up the great work to inform the Teams out in the field.

Thursday's LiveCast Completed

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for sharing....Can't wait til Saturday for the next Live Cast......


It worked!

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So Dean,

Your live webinar worked! I'm once again re-energized and moving forward. I was all ready for today's marathon but realized it is tomorrow. Even better for me and I will be there. Glad you brought the new investor from CA into the mix. That's where I am and it always helps to see locals doing well.

You never know where the next deal will come from if you keep talking and asking questions. Neighbor kids stopped by asking for limes off of my lime tree last night and I tactfully asked them what was going on in their backyard as it was starting to get that jungle vibe (meaning the weeds were getting out of control). They surprised me and told me they were moving out next week and letting the house go back to the bank. I have a meeting set up with my neighbor to see if we can get a short sale going in which I can wholesale it with a double close. You just never know.

Best to you and your family and thanks again to you and all who helped you put this wonderful information together.


New video not working ither!!!

ok, i am trying to click on the screen to view the upcoming video and it saying, "The channel owner has prohibited viewing from this web page" WHY CANT I see the video when its live!!!

Please help me!!! Sad




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did you get it to work?


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I watched almost all of it and listened to more. After a while I took my laptop out to the living room and started a new round of bandit sign production while it played. Way to motivate!



I watched Thursday night cast and all of Saturdays cast and must say it was very motivating. Thanks Dean for taking time out of your busy schedule to host this live event and for those who took their time to share their stories. Way to motivate!



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I joined the IE Group. My wife wasn't to thrilled but hey, It's time to get down and dirty. Hi everyone my name is Javron, born and raised here in South Phoenix. If anyone wants to team up , meet up or whatever, Im here, just shoot me an email or something, Im tired of making excuses, this is it, thank you Dean and everyone else for making this possible.

First Timer

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Great Live BlogCast! All the Ladies are on fire! I want to join that group!


NinjaREDiva (Smiling!

dean graziosi

Hi Dean I have to say this, YOUR HEART IS TRUELY IN TO THIS AND IF YOU DONT SPEAK IN WORDS YOU SPEAK IN ACTIONS AND WITH FACIAL EXPRESSIONS boy what took me so long to act, well all the others were talk and some could walk there talk, but they never offered what you do and this is what all of us need when starting out that some one will be there and wont leave us hanging on the railing.I have to say if we could of gotten all my deals completed with my partners help I would of had close to 1MM in earnings and not even mentioning what they would have gotten. I started out with the big (commercial)ones and still love those deals.Now one would ask are you down or discourage NO. The whys are to big and rejections are to small.I heard another investor say you have to get alot of rejections to get to the best deals, is that right I dont know, but rejections are just rejections and thats all they are, theres more opportunities that are coming and this is a learning process its not get rich quick.Rejection is just a reaction to a situation, not the end of the process the process keeps getting better we just have to have the will to continue on and do I have that!!!!I have this Dean Graziosi to look up to and this DGer family that truely do care as well to lean on from time to time for there experience and its been truely wonderful to know your not alone like all the rest of the programs out there.I even signed up for coaching with these other programs and never ever thought I got my true moneies worth from them as far as help and Id let them know that too.Iam excited avery day to get up and get back at it (
realestate investing)I have sacrificed so much to be here.I truely have just like so many others, it will be so nice to sleep in a bed again and enjoy those wonder joys all you take for granted but its been worth it, Thank you so much Dean, it wont be long and I will be up there with the rest of you.I hope I can get on a replay of last Thursdays TELECAST, wishing you well my friend , sincerely, Jim

You know what would be really great?

A cd of the interview with Gena and a cd of the interview with Andrea.

Re: Weekly Wisdom #233

I hope I am posting this in the correct spot.
I just wanted to write that I just finished watching the weekly wisdom #233 that was posted on April 29th 2013 and it was very inspirational.

This Graziosi guy is so cool for me to learn from.
I have learn that what he teaches you in real estate is that one cannot put off the time to learn what he teaches everyone who watches his weekly wisdoms and reads what he writes in his books.

I know from my own personal experience that everyone's situation is different.

Stay away from negative people anyway you possibly can. That includes family members, friends and acquaintances too. Weather it is a so called friend calling you on your cell phone, because they do not know what to do with their day or a family member telling you to get a job, because real estate is not where it is to earn money. Do not socialize with family members who tear you apart verbally, because I am telling you all of this garbage and that is what all of it is. Is a complete waste of your time and will bring you down to what you would call it to their level of going nowhere with their day. I am writing this from my own personal experience and I also will tell you this from my own personal experience once you stay away from these kind of people and get with positive people, you will stand back from it all and think back why did I not do this earlier in life. You will take all of your positive energy that you have and put it to work earning money in real estate from this God sent Dean Graziosi man.

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