Can anyone tell me when this group will next meet? Iam serious about expanding my realestate investing and sharing and gaining insight from others. Sincerely, Reg

Az Investors, Help......

I started Mentor program with PMI for about 2 week...
I'm looking for experience investor in Arizona to give a chance to learn.
I have no money and so so credit accept finder fee or contract assignment and rehab with OPM in wholesale deals.
Please tell me is assign or bird dogging legal in AZ?
which REI club in AZ I could join?
Here's my email address:
serious insvtestor only

Thanks in advance,


I would love to attend an REI meeting in Az

Can someone please let me know if there are any Dean G. gatherings that I can attend and when? Your response would be greatly appreciated. Please respond to beldavi@****. Thank you and God Bless. Dean, you're the man!

New REI seeking opportunity to meet with investors in AZ

Real estate investors in Central Phoenix, West Valley who are willing to work with a newbie please respond by letting me know when/where the next meeting will be held. Eager to get started as an investor and learn. Please respond to wheatled@****


Hi David,

Elena M's picture

I'd be happy to help or work with you. Call me @ 623-418-6896. I can't always get calls while I'm working, but I do return calls!

Elena M.

By the way, the only gatherings Dean does in a public venue is on Or the next EDGE event next April, but it's not free.

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