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Michael Shiao
Phoenix, AZ
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I live AZ about 19 years, Real Estate investing is my all time dream career, I trade Option market, commodity and other financial market to me real estate is the best. Knowing what to do and helping others are always my goals, after so many year of working for the same company I think it's time to change...

photograghy, travel and swimming

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I'm new

Hi everyone,
I am new and still reading DG's first book. Interestingly PMI call me up and register me in to training. Is PMI same as Dean G. real estate success academy? their phone number is difference than 8882867712? any body help!!


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Congrats on joining the greatest opportunity by far! I'm not sure on the number. When I called the number it appeared to be Dean's voice. They have different numbers to call sometimes it's a mentor calling. Much success to you......Lubertha

Who is PMI

Thank you Lubertha. Is Dean's Success academy same as PMI?

Hi everyone

is any body can give an answer? is PMI Dean's Success academy? because I need clarification sure don't want to get onather scam

Helo Everyone

Yesterday was my first lesson with success academy that's a lost to learn and action iterms I don't know where and how to start my action. any suggestion? everyone! much appreciated.