PA, Ohio and West Virginia Tri State Area

Hi Everyone,
This forum is for investors who would like to buy and sell in the tri state area of Pa, Ohio and West Virginia.

Butler County Investor

I am an investor located in Butler County PA. I am looking to network with others in the TriState area.

Send me an email detailing what you are looking for. I might just have it or know someone who does.

Looking for Cash Investors

Hi everyone, Eric here I am new to the group and to this website but already have deals in the making. I am looking for cash investors who want to do investments in Cleveland. I have a deal with a potential retail buyer now!! Make money in weeks. If anyone is interested please pm me. The buyer would like to take advantage of the tax credit that is expiring. P.M. for more details.

home loane modefication

89% of the home loan modification contracts were not able to follow through with the loans. experts say there will be 10% home value drop in next year. Bank of america who took over on country wide has a large number of these contracts
Sal cassandro from pa. see you all at the edge 2010!

North Central West Virginia Investments

Hello, I am a real estate investor in North Central West Virginia. I do not normally flip properties, but I invest in multi-family residences that need extensive rehab that bring large amounts of monthly cash flow for me and investors. I am always looking for new investors or advice on this subject. If your interested or have any advice, please pm me or email me at gsimmsinvestmentgroup@****. Great Website!

My name is Jasuia

well I am a newbie and so far i have not done much in the ohio area but I have contacted a few agents I am in the process of getting my buisness cards a website phone numbers and building a list of investors being that in cleveland there is so much to choose from I am feeling really overwhelmed!!! But I am excited to jump in!!! I have a great site if anyone needs a free voicemail to do an automated message go to

the number wont be local but you can check it from anywhere ok well good luck

Govt Money To Fix Up Homes in Youngstown Ohio

I have in place contractors, appraisers, property manager along with local grant money to fix up houses. You can buy a house for around $10,000 and use various grant money to help defer the cost to fix up a house so it does not cost you as much to repair. Example would be: buy for $10,000, use local grant money to fix up property with grant money paying 60% of the repair up to $10,000 in one program, then use another that pays 60% up to $6,500.

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