Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #297 - Has Dean Lost His Mind?

Has Dean lost it? I don't know, you tell us! This week, Dean takes some time to explain a new battle strategy to conquer your mind! Are we at war with our thoughts? Unfortunately the answer is an astonishing YES so make sure you watch this video to learn how to stop your brain from taking over your body. It's time to live in the now, have prosperity, enjoy your family, enjoy your surroundings and most importantly, enjoy everything right here in the moment!

weekly wisdom #297

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This is really rude but you always mention your kids. Why don't you ever mention your wife?

Our Brains

Hi Dean,
I think of you as friend even tho you don't know me. I don't post often; but if I do, it is for a good reason. Your post this week has inspired me to share you with my nephew. He is 19 and has ADHD.
He is a great guy with a beautiful heart. He dates a YOUNG girl, that comes from a severely abusive homelife(this is not his background). They knew if she got pregnant her mom would make her leave. Soooo,he did;on purpose;to get her out of her horrible homelife.They knew it wasn't the best thing to do and knew it was wrong;but he felt it was her only way out. That's his heart. After asking for help in all the right places this is what they decided to do. As you know there's a lot of "noise" in his head. Now there's a lot of extra "noise". We all make mistakes.You are so inspirational and uplifting, and I know your messages will allow him to strive for his goals. Perhaps REI after I see him this weekend!!!
Thanks for ALL you do,
Karin 50kgal

Gracias !!!!

Thank you for waking us up! and for taking your time to do it. I don't know how you can tell us so much in such a short time and how you can change others peoples lives.

THANK YOU and God Bless you an d your family.

Yuma, AZ

Love It!

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Great food for the soul Dean and I am all about the now and not allowing your negative thoughts to consume you, but sometimes it's easier said than done. Have def been in a bit of a slump with my real estate, so negative thoughts and my energy has not been on point. I am always telling everyone else to think positive to reinforce that in myself.

Thanks for sharing as it was just what the Dr. ordered and I need to start meditating again to get into alignment.

Thank you:)


The Power of now!!!

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Hi Dean you are right we must control our thoughts I'm an follower of Joyce Meyers Ministries she teaching us Power Thoughts your message today just hit home with me and Thank you soo much!!!

Agree 100%

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Dean you are not loosing it you are absolutely right!!

We have to over come our thoughts and act on the positive to counter what our brain is telling us.

I am reading a book by TD Jakes it is called the
" Instinct The Power to unleash Your Inborn Drive"
Our thoughts are usually guided by the normal part of what we have experienced or followed. Our Brain is telling us something, while our Instinct is pulling our insides pushing us to step out of the norm take a Risk and believe that we are capable for more than the normal. Dean you are not out there you just reacted with your Instinct you went for it!

I recommend reading this book it will open your inner voice to let you know you have always been a champion you just never gave your self the benefit of or acted on your inner Instinct.

Have a Blessed day everyone!


great blog

Thanks Dean: I am going to get Tony Robbins book. Today the weekly wisdom was so true,very educational. Take care, Carol in Texas

mind field

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my mind runs wild all the time i need to get it on the right track, i'll try this and try and readjust my thoughts in a positive manner and live in the now.

Power of now

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Thanks Dean,
That's a great topic for myself I seem to dwell with negative in all my dealings. I will go out and get the Power of now and start reading today. Thanks for another great tool.

Very True

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Hi Dean,
So very, very true. I recently attended a Tony Robbins event in San Jose, CA. Learned so much about exactly what you are describing. One of the daily exercises is to wake up, jump up, and great the day by saying: "Yes, this is My day, and I am going to make it a great one." Absolutely love that. The next exercise is the breathing in and out (very fast) while raising and dropping your arms. This really makes every cell in your body tingle. And then close your eyes, think of 3 things you are grateful for, and next 3 things you will create this day.
I am slowly starting to digest everything I learned at that weekend, as I came home with an injured knee (from jumping all the time), my voice gone (from yelling and cheering all the time), and the most terrible cold you can imagine. Have been struggling with that cold since September last year. But I now know why - it's because my body is too acid, so I have become so susceptible to colds and viruses. Am working on that with a meal plan to get my energy back. As Tony said: "If you don't have energy, you have nothing." So that is my first priority, to get my energy back, and then nothing (not even my thoughts) will be able to hold me back. Will keep you posted!

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