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Maria Butner
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I have been in Real Estate for over 14 years and a 9-11 survivor. I am a Real Estate Broker looking to move on to the next level in life. Create a better life of quality for my family. I am very involved in my community and my passion is to find the best way possible to help those in need including myself. Life is full of obstacles and challenges it is what we make of it that conquers your fears!

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Real Estate Broker

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Hi Maria

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I saw your post about needing private money in the "whos's going to the Edge thread"; you may want to start a new thread instead so that other people who may be interested in lending money can see it.

Wishing you succes on your rei journey,

Welcome to the DG family

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Hi Maria. You'll find this place inspiring how people's lives unfold. Much applause to you for thinking out of the box. My older dear sister's a broker too here in CA. Even though she's knows of people doing investing, she still hesitates the idea of transacting RE a different way. She doesn't want to jeopardize her license, so-to-speak, on the wholesale idea or flipping. So, if you were asked by a DG'er to do the 25 to 1, you'd know what they're taking about & not discourage them but welcome them with open arms. Thanks for your support. God bless -john

Hi Maria

Interesting to bring the background as a real estate broker. I am sure there are many ways to be an active investor and be a broker, I know there are other agents and brokers here on the site as well.


Confidence - Public Speaking


I liked your words on Confidence. Just thought I would pass that along. Also, your byline / End Thought of your Posts. Really Good!!

We are working on real estate projects as well.
All the best.

Good Job... Quote below per Maria
"Thoughts create words, Words create actions, Actions creates dreams"

Welcome to the DG family

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Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap
God bless you
Keep learning the family bussiness.