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my fears

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my only real fear is not being successful, making calls doesn't bother me though i have to push myself at times. my mind has alway got a way of telling me i'm not going to make it so i find myself getting up 2 in the morning trying to build my buyer list or making bandit signs, what ever i can do to get my mind settled down. i just finished boots on the ground a week ago and put my first group of offers in. everyone please keep me in your prayers and i believe success will follow!!!


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I've spent thousands on dg education the new education that is being sold should be free for those of us the have done many of these programs with know success to date. i've heard a lot of the stuff that was said before and how they would stay with me until i get my first deal, finding hidden properties etc.... i have nothing left to give and looking at losing it all soon. i'm still working and would love to learn some of the new stuff but that is impossible for me at this point pockets empty!!!

i'm back

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i don't know what is going to happen tomorrow or next week but i have to get my mind right and get back in the game, for 2 years i busted ass with little to show for it, but i have put so much time and money in the game i have to start again. wish me luck!!!

new training

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i hear about the new training and i don't know if it makes me sad or mad, i'm almost outside and with my savings i put into the DG pocket and the work me and my wife put into trying to make this happen, we have fell flat, i know what you guy's do is a business and you have to make money but i was looking for a lot better return. the boots on the ground was a waste of time( not worth 20,000) now i see cheaper training that would have left me money to invest and help repay some of my bills. i get calls from time to time about the buying summit, i want to scream! i know i'm not tony robbins or any other celebrity but you took my money too. hey dean how's about touching base with a regular joe that still wants to make this work.


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since selling my rig to do this i've got nothing in return, i'll be outside soon. damn i'm dumb