Short Sales

Hey, anybody know of short sales and need to
get through them. I am connected to a ready cash buyer and will work it through. Get the finder fee and move on.
Specifically interested in AZ, but will work other markets.


If help is needed, take note that attorneys can help get through them faster. PM for more info!

Short Sale coming soon in San Jose CA

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3 bed 2 bath home,1,310Sq Ft., corner lot, new roof, new double pane windows, remodeled kitchen with granite countertops and maple cabinets. Master bath has new mirror and light fixtures less than 2 years old. The nearest schools are Santa Teresa Elementary School, Bernal Intermediate School and Oak Grove High School.
Move in condition. Will be listed for $395,000.
Target May 15th for open house.
Call Rick at 949-635-0812

short sales

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I would enjoy working with you! I'm in Az.Phoenix area.


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I would enjoy working with you as well!
So glad to hear from someone else in AZ-Phoenix.

Shortsales in Az

I am a member of Dean Graziosi site. I have Short sales in Az area as well as California . I read your post on the Forum. Are you still interested in Short sales? You can email me back.

Short Sales

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Hi, I'm from Tucson and was wondering what interest you pay your investors and how long do you keep there money tied up (in general). I have a bid on a home and have it sold if our bid comes through. However these folk just went through bankruptcy so I will need to find a private lender. Any info would be great.
Have a great day!

Short Sales

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Hi Glenda:
If you have the buyer, i can get the POF (Proof of Funds Letter) and work with a Back to Back Closing Short Sales (REO,Foreclosures, or any short sale).
If interested, please let me know how we can team up and make some money in the process.
Best for you!

Hi 'Shortsales in AZ'

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I should start 'Deans' Success Academy' on Tuesday, August 17th. I will definately be looking to network and am interested in short sales.


Dean's Success Academy

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Hi Mary:

How's it going with the Success Academy. Kudos to you for always learning. Let me know when u are complete and we'll chat some more.

Hi Amaria

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Hi Amaria,

Thank you and Hi back to you.

It is going well thank you...just getting in the swing of everything.

I’m 12% through the course and a pop up asked if I needed any advice on a deal or any project I'm working on and that felt good!

They are there to see me through my first 5 dealings – if not my first ten or more.

To talk when I‘m done sounds good!


primary or investor?

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hi there ...what are the consciences of buying a property as a primary when you dont intend to occupy the property as your primary residence? What is the worst case scenario? and have you ever done that?

short sale

I read your post on the Forum. I have a Short sale in Phoenix. Are you still interested in Short sales? I have a beautiful home that you might be interested in. You can email me back.

Re: Short Sale

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Yes I am still interested in Short sales. I'm finding homes for an investor, the price has to be $500,000 - 3.5M. These homes have to come from a real estate agent or home owner. Thank you for reading my forum. I hope that we can do business.

short sale

The house that I have is 2946 SF beautiful, and in great shape. It is listed for $116,000, so it doesn't look like we can do business this go round. Thank you for responding so fast. Should you change your criteria, or know someone who might be interested. Let me know.

RE: Short Sale

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Thanks for keeping in touch on short sales. I will keep you in mind if I find someone who is interested, and hope we can do business on a luxury home sometime. Have a great day.

Is your Investor interested in CA?

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Private message me your contact info. I see a lot in CA. I am in Orange County. If you are looking for high end wehave plenty in Orange County. Ocean front too.

my 1st short sale in progress.

11/17/2010 waiting on seller to sign offer etc. i've no experience negotiating short sales. link above is asking for $ for a course. Not willing to buy the course now. Foreclosure is scheduled to proceed approx. 12/08/2010. A family is there now and moving out asap (approx. a month. pymts are approx. $1000 with arears approx. $3000. $100k loan bal. Bank willing to take $50k on the FHA. any advice is appreciated.

Short Sales

I'm in Atlanta and haven't had much success with investors. I'm going to try something a little different. I'll let you guys know if it pans out. God knows I'm still broke but not giving up.

Interested in starting a 4-5 person team?

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Hey I am very interested in starting a team in Phx, AZ. Lets put our money together and start investing, I think this is an excellent idea!!!!

Interested in starting a 4-5 person team?

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I am interested, but want to know how this will work?
Do you have a business plan?

MxChica posted this back in Dec of 2009

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Here's her post


How would you like to consider bringing together 4-5 people for the purposes of building a fund base for investment plans?

It's possible! Just talk with 4-5 people who are interested in some of the same things you are, get informed, and decide how you want to use the funds and start building a future!

Now our investment group will never need outside funding when we commit to working together.

In many ways we can begin to Pay It forward.

To get started, PM to me once you have 4-5 people who are interested in working with you.

This is the key to creating everything you want for your future.


AZ Workshops by Dean Upcoming (Aug 2012)

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If any of you are in the area, let's make a commitment to attend one of them at each person's convenience then set up to meet, or skype and talk over more of what has been learned. I always learn something more and pick up on reminders. Anyone else up for it?

Get Funded!!!! Investors - Wholesellers - RE Brokers - Bird Dogs

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Hi everyone:
I have access to more than 400 Private and Hard Money Lenders ready to fund in 5-7 days. If you can find Properties with 50% or more in equity, i can find the money for the deal. Let's say that you found a SFH for Sale Price of $100k. Repairs $20k. After Repairs Value $240k. This way we will not have to upfront money. Works with Residential, 2-4 Units and Multifamily properties. Prefered properties that needs minor cosmetics/TLC or no repairs.
PM me.

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