South, West, Central Florida Wholesale RE Team

I am new to the DG group. I am like most, in need of cash flow and wanting to get back in RE investing.
Therefore, I want to share my asset with you. I have an active real estate sales license (go figure), which I have had for like 13 years, that I have not put in to use lately, because I have dedicated my time to being a mom and starting up another business related to art. However, I love real estate and like Dean says this is the time to invest in it.
With that said since I already have access to the MLS here in SFL and have knowledge about sales contract and have now learned about Dean's ways, I would not be shy of submitting wholesale offers for you. So if you are interested in investing in Florida, please let me know. I am familiar with the south, west and central area of Florida. The cities included, Tampa, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Naples, Orlando, Pembroke Pines, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Hollywood.
I am my self trying to invest but don't have the cash to do so. And I am learning to try to use Deans "no money down strategy for my self. My RE Dream has always been to have a commercial property. So that is one of my goals.
Lets help each other!

A Nod To BC- How to NEVER GIVE UP- Tony Robbins Video

Don't know if this has been posted before, but it's worth watching again and again.

Not real estate related per se but watching this 30 plus minute video can change your mindset pertaining
to "where you are" in your ventures.


Tampa FL


We just bought Dean's book last month and would like to get started right a way in the Tampa Area. Is there anyone within a 75 mile radius who would like to work with us to get the ball rolling? Is anyone in Dean's academy, and is it paying off?

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