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just joined the group. i have been so excited about re since reading dean's books. i am anxious to ge started. i have been just driving around tampa looking at houses. want to know if you can provide any info on a property if i only have an address. thank you.

would like to contact u

i would like to be avle to contact u. i am ready to get started. i have been looking at several houses in my area. my e-mail is devyne78@****. u can contact me there.

REI group


I am new to all of this. I just read Dean's new book and the student interviews, and will be starting BARM tonight. I am a sponge right now, so educate me. Do you know of any REI group meetings for networking in the area. I live in Brooksville, but I grew up in Tampa, and spent 12 years or so in Pinellas county. I have about 20 years in the construction industry, and have had a couple of successful businesses. This is something I've wanted to do for a while. Unfortunately, I am going through a divorce, and money, credit and experience are what I lack. I am ready to hit the ground running.

What areas are hot right now. I would love to be a part of each others team, and welcome any insight or advice you may have.


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I just joined the group and would like to meet up with others in my area. I am new to Real Estate "Investing" but I have some experience in buying R.E. (I had to find, buy and pay for my own place after my divorce.) I live in the Lake Wales area of Polk County. Are there any REI group meetings in my area or county?
Now that I have read dean's books, I am eager to get started. Any help would be deeply appreciated Smiling
I can be contacted at LWFISHGAL@****

I look forward to hearing from fellow members.


New Investor

Hello Linda
Where are u investing in fl? lmk

Just Joined your Group


I have read both of Deans books and I liked them both very much, but havent taken action "Yet". I think that if I join someone with experience in the field that would motivate me. I am more interested in the shortsale part of the investment strategies. I have the negotiators ready but only for properties $500,000 or higher range. I would like to see if we can work together all strategies learn on the book. So get the dust out of that license and lets make some dough.
So besides doing Deans strategies. would you consider helping me find those properties as well? e mail me at afvhomeenterprises@****

Lets Help Each Other

Hi Linda:

My name is Abner and have ben researching the real estate market quite a while. I think I would love to apply some of Deans techniques, and some other techniques I have learned on the way.
I have behind me a team investors who will do all my high end shortsales for me. In order for my to find those high end properties that are overleveraged, in preforeclosure or a a shortsale candidate I need the help of a professional realtor.
You are guaranteed the whole comission, and besides IF you work with me there will be more bonuses, and splits depending on the number of opportunities we work together.
So let me know If we can meet sometime or talk on the phone to see how far can we go in this business.

Take care and have a good night



Want to do deals in Tampa

Hi Linda, we're new to the site, just purchased the book and enrolled in the Academy. We're looking to start our learning in Tampa. We read your post and were wondering if you were still looking for people to invest with. Thanks, Jeff and Kristine

New fish to water

Dear Linda and other Fl investor,

Just wanted to say hello and I'm glad to be in the group. I myself live in Jacksonville, FL and will be looking for opportunities in Fl and abroad. I've just recently started reading Dean's book and will be listening and posting any knowledge I have or needed. Looking for to this journey, I hope we can all share in the wealth of todays market.

hello linda

I just joint the club,in 2009 we lost everyting we have house,car,business,and now we live in 1bd apartment,my wife and 2 kids,I will love to learn how to buy rental properties and make a better living for my family,I live in tampa,so any tip will be great.My imail is raulcorrea25@****

taking the leap

Hi Linda, just joining the group. I am 15 min. south of Ocala small town called Summerfield, just wanted to start the comm. and say hi, actually going out right now to look at a couple of fsbo's, I will let u know how it goes. Take Care!


JUST JOINED the group and would like any help you could give me im rereading deans book and startin on my pmi course man its alot of info well hope to hear from you.dedwards72@comcast

Need a Realtor in Orlando

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Let me know if you are interested.


Just Joined

Going to my 3-day seminar in Tampa this weekend. Am from Mantee County (Bradenton)- born and raised here, my Mom was a Realtor here for 61 years and also an investor, held many mortgages, owned multiple rental properties and I am ready to follow in her footstgeps, but am "green" so would probably need to partner with someone my first deal or two so I can get my feet wet. I do have one property that I think would spark an interest, but not really sure. Need some help and advice at this point.