Southern California Investors Networking Group, Orange County area

I have been a member of the DG family for about a year. I would love to get some information about joining this group. I am located in Orange County, CA. Please Help!

I'm in Orange County too.

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I've been a DG member for over a year and have recently been trying to network with other members in our area. Write me back and we can start networking out here.



I'm OC too

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Hi Jeff,
I am in the Irvine area. How about you?
You can email me direct at bluesummerventures at gmail dot com. Maybe we can meet up sometime. What kinda deals are you looking for?


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Hi Rick.

I'm in Foothill Ranch. The deals I am looking for are ones in my backyard, like they suggest on DG. I'm looking to do wholesale deals or do double closing with my buyers list before I can by and hold myself. I am working on a possible deal I found in Dana Point where the seller is very motivated and the house needs considerable work. Trying to do my numbers now to see if it makes sense to the buyers. I could use some help to see for sure if this can be made into a good deal for all.

I'd like to meetup sometime if you are available.

Thank you,



Thanks for the reply. I see there is another investor interested as well. My wife and I are trying to put together some deals and are always looking to network with others. Do you have any suggestions on how we can proceed?

Do you visit any of the local investment clubs?


Clubs and Ideas

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Hi Larre!

I'm going to an investment club tonight in Santa Ana. 6:00 at the Embassy suites on Dyer Rd. Try to make it if you can. I'm working on trying to lock up a deal now and get a buyer in place. Let me know what you're doing and maybe I can help.


Hi Guys I'm living in Orange

Hi Guys I'm living in Orange county area-- Westminster and i found out that it's going to be a meeting in FIBI(For Investor By Investor) investing club on September 6. By the way my name is Tom and it will be a pleasure to network with you guy .
Let me know if you want to get more info

Good Day Orange County

I think it's great to get a strong network together here in Orange County. I think we all could mutually benefit from each other. I'm in Fountain Valley myself.
Glad to meet those of you that are here.

Meetup in OC

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You can email me direct at bluesummerventures at gmail dot com. Lets try to schedule a meet up. Are weekends better?

OC Meetup

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Weekends work for me.



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I am a fix & flip investor looking to network. Email me at gmail, the address is justinepham21. Look forward to hearing from you!


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What email are you on ? Yahoo, Gmail?

Recent or Upcoming So Cal Enents ?

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I live in So Cal (near LAX), and would very much apprecate being included into a group of SoCal'ers to bond, process, brain-storm & share ideas with. Looking for local like-minded peeps. Anyone interesting in encouraging oneanother and patting eachother on the head for all of those small little victories we sometimes take for granted yet assist us in getting us where we need to be.

I'm attending a DG Event tomorrow at LAX Hilton. Please PM me and I'll give you my moble & email in hopes of connecting.

Any Current Activity Since October Here?

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Seriouly? There are only 8 So Cal Members with recent activity? Why do I get the feeling I many have missed something. I'd like to hear more from our local DG Groupie...not feelin the love at the moment Sticking out tongue

Meetup Groups in LA & OC

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I have a list of current REI Group Meetups in Orange County & Los Angeles, if anyone is interested in meeting me there. Please PM me if you'd like any information.

Looking for O.C.!!!!

I am a new Real Estate Investor in Orange County and I am looking for some REI meetings, can anyone help???? Thank you


Here you go!

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