Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland investors

If you live around the area and you wanna share some comments or even get a partner to move on in this excited career, please write here or send a pm, so we can discuss a little bit about it.
Share your experiences also, thanks.

New and Eager to learn

Hello! My name is Samantha and I=I am very interested in learning all there is to learn about wholesaling. Where I can meet investors. If anyone has experience and would like to share any information I would greatly appreciate anything you have to offer. Thank you!


I am a birddoger in Va. And I found a house you might be interested.
Located in prestigious Deer Haven. Only 8 miles from downtown Roanoke Va. 4 bedroom 2.5 Bath
asking 359,950 asking
MOTIVATED SELLER Being all offer we are ready to move to Raleigh to be closer to our children!
Contact John at 540-816-0532
You may contact me at 540-400-6392
about my fee

Meeting like minded investors in Virginia

My name is Sully. I am interested in meeting other DG investors in Virginia.

Can anyone suggest a meeting to meet others investing in VA.

Tax liens and Deeds?

Anyone on here having experience with these please contact me. Participated In Dean's 3 day workshop last November. Part of the program included a course on liens and deeds hosted by SKWcentral I purchased a lien from them for $400 and something.(turns out the face value is only $317) This was before I fully understood the "Due diligence" process. Long story short. I was contacted by the jurisdiction telling me it expires in 12 months and if I don't start foreclosure proceedings the lien will become "null and void" and I lose my investment. Now here is the kicker. It is a vacant lot between some row houses and only valued at $700. What should I do? Can I start the proceedings on my own, or do I need an attorney?

Im a newbie ready to get in where i fit in!!

Hello everyone! My names Andrew and Im a newbie ready to take the world by storm. Im very intrested in learning all there is to know about real estate investing. I have read a lot of books and purchased a lot of programs. I want to start off with wholesaling. I would like to be a shadow to someone so I can learn through there experiances. I believe that for me thats the best way to learn. Im willing to be a partner to someone as long as its a win win situation. Im very familier to the D.C. metro area. So if anyone out there is willing to take an eager hungry student under there wing and teach them a few things then I am the right one. Thanks and Happy New Year!!

MY 1st real estate purchase-before my mentors arrival!!! I'm STOKED!!!

Purchased my first property today (land) @ 40 cents on the dollar in Wilcox, Arizona. .87 acres of raw undeveloped land zoned for residential. Wondering now..? should I flip it for a profit, or hang on to it? Presently in that area land is selling for $1000-2500 per acres. What to do...what to do???

We Buy and Sell Nationally - Bring Us Deals or Join Our Empire!!!

My name is Mark Walker, acquisition manager for Castlefield Development, LLC. We’re a Real Estate Investment firm. Due to the current economic conditions, Castlefield Development, LLC, has ramped up its existing operations. We currently have Funds for 20M Residential and 35M for Commercial and a large number of Private Investor Firms ready to buy.
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