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My name is Mark Walker, acquisition manager for Castlefield Development, LLC. We’re a Real Estate Investment firm. Due to the current economic conditions, Castlefield Development, LLC, has ramped up its existing operations. We currently have Funds for 20M Residential and 35M for Commercial and a large number of Private Investor Firms ready to buy.
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new to the investing world

Hello my name is Vanella I'm new to the real estate world. I Purchased dean graziosi's book(profit from real estate now)about a month ago and was so impressed that I couldn't put the book down. after reading it i started to research my own area for REO'S and FSOB'S and anything real estate related. In doing so i came across an ad in the local paper that caught my attention. just trying to see what it would be like to talk to someone over the phone about selling their house and find out the reason they were selling. the thing is i had no idea how this would go. well the conversation went well and in the end, I asked if I was unable to buy the house myself, would she allow me to bring her someone who would buy the house.and she said yes, so I'm asking anyone with tips on what my next step should be. i plan to met her and put the house under contract for 30-60 days in hopes of finding a buyer to assign it to and collect a finder's fee in the process. i just need to know if I'm on the right path or is there something i need to do different. also any tips on how to include your finders and collect would be very helpful thanks.

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Hello my name is: Nate Wright, I am out here in San Diego CA. I know your post is aged, but that's exactly why I am sending this message. Would like to know how the deal worked out for you. Also if you have secured any other since that posting. Thanks


Still waiting for the second lenders approval

Newbie willing to Bird dog in WA state for you.

Hi my name is Nancy and I'min Washington state looking to get started, but with bad credit and no job having a rough time, looking for someone who wants a bird dog in WA.
Deals galore and I have lots to choose from, just don't have funds or buyers. Can you help me please.
Thank you and just PM me and let me know what you are looking for I'll find it.

New Investor.

I just bought Deans book and have every confident in the book. I am working on fixing my credit which took a hit when the bad economy got the better part of me. However, I have a paying job now which I actually got with the intention to use the job to build my Real estate Investment pursuit.
I just spoke with somebody that has been written that his house will be foreclosed on Nov.16th. He gave me all the information I requested and will give me the remaining on Monday when he gets back from a tour. He ahs told me to do whatever it takes to save the situation, he is not interested in getting any money back, he just want to sell, or do whatever that I can do to just make him work away without adverse effect on him. My question is, can we still take care of this?
If so what is my next step? is it looking for buyers oyr getting a contract and how can that stop the foreclosure for now. My credit is not great but my wife has a good credit. Please, advise me on the best step to take now.


Hello, my name is La Vonna. I am a licensed real estate agent in the central valley area of California. I am interested in working with serious investors looking to purchase properties 20% to 50% below current value (sometimes more). As also a beginning investor, I believe as I assist you to acquire smart investments, I will be building capital neccesary for future personal investments.

Currently there are over one hundred REO's in one county alone consisting of 3 bd, 2 ba going for as low as $25K and with a median value of $50K to $75K. These purchases are great for rentals and/or lease with options that will yield an investor increased income in the beginning, the middle, and at the end.

I am ready to work as a team to do your research, evaluate, and deliver prime investments you'll be happy with.

Should you be interested, please hit my inbox. My user name is littlelavonna.

I am looking forward to both meeting likeminded investors and building a lasting strong business relationship.

Warmest regards,

La Vonna

Newbie with contacts

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Hello, I am brand new to real estate and investing... I have good but what they consider NO credit... a small social security income and I am in College. There are several great homes around my area for sale at greatly reduced prices due to the economy. I live in an upstate New York resort town at the Base of Hunter Mountain ski area. Looking for a mentor or two to help me and I have no problem bird dogging for them. My goal is to make enough to buy a home for myself and my children and of course have a positive and lucrative cash flow as well as a decent real estate portfolio. How should I start?

New real estate investor in need of some serious advice

Hi my name is Herbert. I have been reading and studying real estate investing for the last five years. I have located real estate deals for other investor but never did a deal myself. And the reason for that is because i have bad credit and no money. After reading and hearing that you don't need none of your money and credit, i decided to set up my business and go ahead and jump in. I am working with a real estate agent I decided to invest in short sales bank owned and probate.I located a deal that i think is a very good deal according to what i have learned about what makes a good deal. According to my understanding there is really good money to be made from this deal. But i can't seem to find a buyer. What i want to know is if i don't find a buyer before the closing date, how can i get out of the deal? and get my earnest money back.

Look to your RE Agent

Hi Herbert, I just joined the blog.

I would suggest you ask your real estate agent this question. She/He should be putting in extensions for closing time and/or any agreed upon contingency timelines.

Check the purchase contract. you do not want those days to pass and you forfeit your EMD.


New Real Estate Investor

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I am a new real estate investor. I am a Dean Graziosi fan. I read several of his books. I am going to need cash investors . I am trying to get a few houses under contract. I want to assign these properties . I hope you are a friend and help me when I have properties to assign.

New Real Estate Investor

Hi I'm new to real estate investing, I've attended a three day workshop and read Dean's book. So far, I have two potenial buyer's with a few credit issues & little money to work with as far as down payment. The properties are out there, but with me having bad credit, & no money either, what direction should i go?

Thanks for any suggestions...
Ms. BB

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