Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #126 - The Benefits of Delayed Gratification

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog It's a fast moving, fast food, get it now society that we live in. It seems nobody wants to be a bamboo farmer.

Well this week Dean masterfully eases us into the mindset of patience and persistence. Hey...maybe your kids should watch this one with you eh? Have a great week.

Blog # 126


I look forward, to all your Blogs.
I only wish ,I could Make you proud of me.
Thank you!

thanks much!


You're one of the best cheerleaders on this planet, I can almost guarantee it.

I'm still trying & God-willing, I'll be successful too sooner than later.

God bless,


Hi Dean

Hey Bud!
Still playing catch-up here. Great blog, I think the best gratification is delayed. Instant gratification, easily achieved is what the world is all about these days. Microwave ovens, Online college degrees,..........divorce!. I'm with you my friend, the labor is the love!!! Still searching for your would-be reality stars, talk to you soon.


Another word for delayed gratification

Julie Koerner's picture

"Let ENDURANCE have it's complete work"


Hey Dean.

This is the most perfect blog for me to share with my very impatient partner. He gets so frustrated when things don't go as he anticipates, whereas I reassure him that there is something better around the corner. I follow up with the 'better around the corner' statment with a question of "what did you learn and what would you do different?"

Thanks for your wonderful blogs!
God Bless.


Thank you for your time Dean, sharing and inspiring everyone.

Great advice

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Reminds of that old saying,"God grant me patience and I want it now" Im looking for a partner to do this with here in central California,Some serious opportunity here.

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