Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog #126 - The Benefits of Delayed Gratification

Dean Graziosi Weekly Video Blog It's a fast moving, fast food, get it now society that we live in. It seems nobody wants to be a bamboo farmer.

Well this week Dean masterfully eases us into the mindset of patience and persistence. Hey...maybe your kids should watch this one with you eh? Have a great week.

Very nice and inspiring Dean

I very much enjoyed your words of wisdom this week Dean and I had instant recall of the two neighbors planting tomato seeds. We have to do the preparation and work and feed into the process before we can enjoy the end result. Also kaisen which in Japanese means "continuous improvement" and starts with the first step leading to the next. I appreciate the depth of what you share. Thank you.

so true !

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The delayed gatification seems to continue in sort of "waves" as we go about our real estate business. The key truly is perserverance, and sticking with it. It always helps us when we feel discouraged to look at where we were a few months ago, or a year ago, and how much we have learned. Also, we have learned that you never know when a deal you thought had "passed you by" will show up again with opportunity for you. Not much that we do in this business is "for nothing" if you relly think about it !!! Thanks for the inspiration, Dean !

Delayed gratification

Dean you are so right, what we do today does determine our tomorrow. It is called "reaping what you sow". When we do good things today, we will be rewared with goods tomorrow and vice versa.


"But, guess what!"

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Your words are timely for me again. Thanks, Dean.
peace to you.

Impeccable timing Dean

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Thanks Dean for today's message!!! Your timing is impeccable as I have put in several offers over the last several weeks, to no avail.

I know it's a numbers game as my ratios run around 12 offers in to one acceptance. However, I have to admit that I have been bummed out the last week not seeing my efforts coming to fruition yet. Even if I know I can do it sometimes we start to doubt ourselves.

Thanks for the encouraging words just when I needed to hear them!!! You rock, as always!

Much love,
Angie Novigrod Smiling

Perfect Timing!

Hey Dean, I really needed these words of encouragement this week. It was just yesterday that I was talking to Jeff Jensen, my coach, about getting down on myself for things not working as fast as I want them to. And he said something similar, just to keep pushing and it will happen. Gotta get the infastructure set up. So, I thank the Lord for you and for giving us this message this week. I almost feel that he put it on your heart just for me. I hope you and your family had a great Easter, take care.

Well Said

Thanks for posting this Dean...yes you do have to put in the work to make your success happen. And that work usually take a while and requires patience and diligence. I especially like the part of you saying that once you do it once, no one can take that wealth from you, it doesn't matter what the economy is doing, you'll still be ok because you know how to build wealth for yourself. Thanks again for sharing!

Benefits of Delayed Gratification

Just what I needed to hear. You nailed it. Thanks, Dean.

Delayed Gratification

Great blog, similar to planting the seed, plant it, nurture it and it grows. Same with gratification and reflection. Create your foundation now and down the road your results will be very gratifying and your reflection on same will be overwhelming.

One of Deans Newbies, Dale

Video Blog

Thank you Dean for your time and another motivating video blog.

Great Blog

Thanks soooo much Dean, I thought you was speaking just to me. You hit the nail on the head, yes I have been a little discouraged, but I keep looking forward, I put up that brick wall to the nay-sayers. I will continue to be encouraged by your words of wisdom. Once again THANK YOU!!!


Hey Dean,

Thanks for that video, I do have to admit when I'm living hand to mouth. It is kind of hard to see the delayed gratification. It seems like its there for everyone else. When I am worried about where I will be living next month, its difficult to see the big picture. Don't get me wrong I am in NO WAY giving up, just stating that its not visible right now. I do believe that one day it will come. I do hope its soon cause my arms are getting tired from all of the treading of water.

Thanks For Not Giving Up!

Hi Dean,

I hope you had a great and blessed Easter. Thanks for not giving up on your REI's and providing the motivation that we need. We all know that we are still dealing with the economy and no one knows where it's gonna go, but we still have to make plans for our futures and for our families. I am still trying to focus on making this work for me and my family. There is a house around the corner FSBO and I have to re-read and study your book again on how and what to do in this process. I want to start here, and then on to others. I know I can do this if I just continue finding the time to do it. My days off are during the week and it makes it hard, because one is always catching up on things at home, but I must encourage myself to take the initial steps. Your blogs are so helpful and motivating. When I slack, you are always there to put me back on track.

I want to purchase a home for me and my daughter, but my credit is somewhat low. Trying to re-build my credit, and it's been time consuming but I know I can get it done. I need to refresh on FSBO's and approach the house down the street in order to get this one working for me. I will keep you posted.It's taking a little time, but I know I can achieve and become successful being a REI.

Thanks again

Blog #126

Thank you for the encouragement. I still haven't done my first deal yet but I know it will be soon. It has been overwhelming, however, I am still pushing forward. See you at THE EDGE.

Great Blog

Hi Dean.... I am just getting a house I did'nt think I would get but I did what I learned from you and kept at it. Your lasr week's Blog helped pick me up and I did what I had to get done to get this house. I am feeling very good about this house. Thanks for the blog's. They have really helped me and I am sure many others. Crossover Sandy


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Thanks Dean you are always right on the spot! God will bless you for giving SO MUCH !


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You Dean keep me trying and I know it's coming because you say SO!!!!

Benefits-Delayed Gratification

More motivation.

Thanks Dean!

Patience and Persistence - Words to live by

Dean, Excellent video, tremendous words of encouragement, with the substance in building the foundation for success. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it. My favorite adage; “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.”

Thanks and God Bless...!

Is this for me?

My husband ordered your book sometime ago but after receiving it things got pretty bad around here. He received an email from you and forwarded it to me so I gave a listen. I will spend the next couple of weeks reading your book. I have always wanted to get into real estate but because of circumstances being what they are it seemed unrealistic so I put that dream aside. I have recently been checking out courses on staging and I have an eye for the flow of a house, whats working and what isn't. Is this for me? Sometimes I'm afraid to dream. I'm going to read your book and watch for your emails.
Tina Clements

It's not always easy

Life is not always easy and what you say about you think you have a deal and then you don't that's not fun. Life isn't always fun. If you are persistant at what you do over and over it has to get fun because sooner or later your going to master it. Then it will be fun because you can step up to the plate swing and hit or miss and either way it's alright because there is always another ball on it's way to the plate. I have not been sucessful but I have not given up either. I keep tring to do the best I can with what I have. Thanks for your continued words of encouragement for us we all need a boost from our boss.

patience blog

Thanks! This is just what I needed to jump back on track. Have had some academy assignments lurking in my procrastination a result of this blog, they are in front of me as we speak! I must keep moving and not let old life get in the way of a potental new one.


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Dean, you said it best, gratification = success, my story is a simple one, I have been a member of yours going on 3 years, even though I have not made any money through Real Estate as of yet, I feel blessed and very successful, i feel i have gained so much knowledge thats a success, joining your academy reading your books, being on this totally awesome site has been a success. I know many people who have dropped out of real estate investing due to alot of what i am saying, I realize it does not happen overnite and i am taking babysteps, I have plowed the field, I have planted the seeds, I have been turned down by many banks, lenders, naysayers, but in all I feel successful and willing to learn new idea's on a daily basis. As long as you keep saying the grateful words you share with all of us weekly you will make this investor a thorough and very knowledgable and when the first deal happen's it will be because of you and you I said delayed gratification equals success!!!

Bob Ross

Thank you Dean

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This hits home for me this week. It's rough sometimes. You have some success, and then life happens....all good, but some time is sucked out of you. You want it all to happen right now! Thank you for this reminder of patience and persistence. It speaks to me loud and clear this week! What 10 small things can I do today that have the potential to make me money in real estate. Gotta keep checking off that list. Thanks again for the inspiration!

Blog #126: Delayed Gratification

Hi Dean,

I have heard of delayed gratification before, and I think it's one of the best things in life. Lots of people, though, need to really understand the workings of delayed gratification. I previously heard about that at a Financial Services meeting. It does work, it is a very positive thing, and providing that there are little or no pitfalls, it works perfectly. I know of people who have benefited greatly from delayed gratification. I,m sure that you and a lot of your students are benefiting from it too. So it does work. People need to be patient for it to work fully for them. It takes a lot of patience and hard/smart work.


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It's my second time on this website and it could be overwhelming. I decided to watch the video and read your message. I have to thank you because after reading your words, I realized I need to become activate and focus on my goals.

I moved to South Florida about 7 months ago and my real estate license was from TX, I let it expire due to my relocation. Being new to the area with no family or friends, I just focused on my 9-5 but I know my PASSION is not there.

I purchased the books some time ago and in all honestly have not yet read them but I have taken them out of storage and will committ to reading both books and taking one step everyday to get closer to my goals.

Your words spoke to me, I just wanted to thank you.

So True!

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The hard work sometimes doesn't seem gratifying, but the end result....sweet. I'm still waiting for my first deal... still working hard to get it done, but when it is.... oh, the gratification I'll feel will be awesome! Thanks Dean, for reminding us that the payoff is well worth the work we put into it.

Patience and persistance

Boy Dean, you really hit the nail on the head. Patience and persistance is the name of the game in real estate investing. We've read all your books, watched all the Edge CD's, and watched all the Empowering Conversation CD's. Using what we learned we looked at about 50 properties, put in about 10 offers before 1 was accepted. Without both patience and persistance we couldn't have gotten this far.

Thanks Dean, for all the good advice.


Thanks Dean!!!!

YEA BUDDY!!! I need that one so much you have no Idea!!! It does get crazy and overwelming at times but I still keep chugging along. Thanks for the extra push!!! Sometimes I have to walk away from REI to catch my breath but I always come back to it, It just keeps calling me everywhere I look!!!

Thanks Dean, things do get

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Thanks Dean, things do get overwhelming sometimes, and it's hard to keep going. Sometimes we just need some inspiring words to put us back to work. Ryan

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