Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #183 - Giving Props to the Ladies

On the heels of Mother's day, Dean has done a special message, honoring a special group of investors.

It's all about the ladies this week. So whether you're a guy or a gal, check this week's bit of video inspiration out and let it move you to do big things.

Thank You Dean

Your words help me to continue to move foward!!!!!!

Thats right!

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Thats right , The ladies are rockin it. We can all have success together.
Success to all!
John W

That was like a nice cool treat on a scorching day!

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REFRESHING! And I intend to do JUST that (make them eat mud), what I've been doing, but now I have this eternal confidence and I can already SEE my future and there is NOWHERE to go but up and these snickers on the inside that I can hold on to!

Thank you for inspiring me every week for the past 2 years Dean. If it wasn't for your weekly blogs and the DG family here, I wouldn't have anywhere to turn for the positive reinforcement to just STICK TO IT no matter WHAT's been said or done. My naysayer sucks energy, and I get it revived here on this site. Smiling

I had trouble viewing this blog this week, but I think it was all in good time. I'd just had a ''scolding' from my naysayer and he told me once again we need to sell everything and just QUIT and get out of real estate. The fruits of my labor are JUST starting to show, and his focus is only on the negative; 'look what that hard money loan did to us, it drained all our money and now we have nothing, this is all your fault'. Then I mention we will be positive for the first time since 2007 and somehow the tables are turned on how that's his doing and has nothing to do with any of my efforts. (Do you hear my snicker, I think its getting very loud about now Sticking out tongue ) .

You know how it goes, when there is something positive, that's his doing; everything negative is somehow my fault. I have had this mentality on my shoulder's DAILY, and I've been burning inside wondering if I really am the worthless person I'm made out to be; I even believed it because it was said over and over and over .... but I've broken free from that because that is only HIM trying to take the POWER from ME and put HIS poor self confidence into ME. It will NEVER happen again! EVER!!!

I hope your wife had a beautiful mother's day! You're the best Dean!

Thanks Dean

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Your message is very inspiring. Thats exactly how I feel inside when it comes to naysayers...just wait until you see what I do next. My son, brother one friend are my only support team.

Time for me to just Take Action and Jump In.

The ball is starting to bounce more, thanks to word of mouth. All I can say is this, Dean you are the Real Deal!!!

Just the boost I needed!

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Thanks Dean for another great boost to my sometimes sagging confidence! Although my husband is behind me in this pursuit, he isn't as involved in it as I would like him to be. I have yet to make a deal, but I've been close on two deals in the past couple of weeks, so hopefully I'll have my breakthrough soon!

Way to make me teary eyed DEAN!

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All kidding aside (I am misty eyed though) thank you for all that you give of yourself to push/pull/poke/prod and plead all of us out here to get us to succeed in real estate.
Sadly, my mother passed away a few years ago way too early (50s) and she didn't get to see me live up to the person she believed I could be. I'm still working on it but you help to re-fervor my desire to make her proud even if she isn't with us anymore.
I was at the Edge (phenominal), I got the pleasure to meet some of the amazing ladies you spoke about. They are truly an inspiration to all of us. I, like you, am very proud of all of them and anyone who overcomes all the negativity in their life to go on and succeed. I think that takes greater courage than jumping on a grenade. I am a prior Marine and I personally wouldn't have a problem risking my life to help someone in need but to face people (especially loved ones) who are negative and you don't want to let down quite terrifying.
I appreciate your weekly mental/psychological pep talks. It really helps me to maintain and grow my self confidence and mental fortitude.

God Bless

John, wow, didn't expect to see that!

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Thank you! I am so glad that I can inspire others to get out there and do it. I have an intern who I've seen from the start of her journey go from lackluster to shining like a star with confidence. It is markedly evident and visible, and seeing others' lives transform is the most spectacular thing to watch! You WILL get a deal done this year. Now repeat that to yourself every day several times a day, feel it, envision yourself doing it, how you'll react, how you'll feel and the emotions associated with it, and you WILL accomplish it!

SouthsideJohnny wrote:

This msg rings oh so TRUE and has been a constant inspiration to me!!

I know you didn't mention names, but I want to give kudos to a few that probably unknowingly, have helped give me the motivation and determination to keep PUSHING.

- Tammy Reoch: Don't know how you persevere! I help my wife keep an almost 3 yr old boy and he alone is SO demanding! Your accomplishments are nothing short of Amazing!!

- Jen Gray: What can I say? You continue to inspire me, selflessly offering your time and sound advice WHENEVER I ask! Everything you've told me to do (if I do it); has turned out to be something positive and gotten me one step closer to my goals. You're my "home girl" and I appreciate all you've done more than you'll ever know.

There are others; Carol Stinson (my 1st DG inspritaion)!, Karen G (always an ANGEL), and a HUGE motivator! The list goes on, and on.

No; I haven't done a deal, as yet, but know that it is just around the corner. I've been "failing", but that means I am taking action and know that it will eventually yields results.

So, thank you Ladies! You are well deserving of this acknowledgement from the MAN!

Well, what do you say Guys? Looks like were gettin' it handed to us! We need to "pump up the jam" and get goin'! I don't like the taste of dust, do you??

Keep on PUSHing!!!

Whooo Hooooo!

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Go ladies, Go ladies, Go ladies!!!

I Hope everyone had an amazing Mother's Day Smiling

In a man's world

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But it's thanks to you, Dean, your encouragement, your motivational efforts, your never say die attitude, your wisdom delivered so seemingly effortlessly and with such passion--
that's why we ladies are kickin' ___!

When I walked out of that room with you only 7 months ago and committed myself to focus on RE I put my head down and haven't come up for air yet.
It's your encouragement that keeps me going-- no days off (yet), no new watch (yet), no time for a few things I'd like to do (yet), but on my way into the Promise Land and showing as many people as I can along the way!

With all my heart,
Thank you Dean!


Thanks Dean

Thanks for the Weekly Wisdom as always!!! I haven't done my first deal yet but the inspiration and motivation of you and my DG family makes me want to push through my fear and JUST DO IT!!!!!! I am proud to be part of this amazing family and I won't let myself down anymore!!

Good Blog

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Congrats on the ladies. But Im a single guy that is still trying to get my first deal. What am I doing wrong hear in Austin Tx? Are sellers getting greedy? Am I offering too low of offers? I keep offering and offering and offering in different angles, and still, nothing. Is my real estate agent saying something to the selling agent what I am trying to do? Hope not. I am not giving up, but its getting fustrating. Im trying to stay positive, but cmon people. Argg. Great blog.


IT'S SO TRUE...I have to be honest here. This is exactly what is going on with me...

I believed in this, always have. BUT, believing is not enough. It makes a great start, but u have to go further.....

When my husband and I first went to one of your --and forgive me, for not liking this word-- seminars...My husbands' jaw was hanging to the floor by the time we left. Alot of what the man was saying..... my husband has heard me say for years.....he was glued to the whole thing. But, like u say....he wants to protect me from being mentally AND financially damaged.

When I got home, I waisted no time popping the dvd in the dvd player....been doing stuff----tried to wholesale a all the way to the week of closing....did all of this before the SUCCESS ACADEMY. Did it close?---no. But it was not from lack of trying----nor was it from any support-- may sound funny to anyone--- but that ok. Things were not happening fast enough for the seller, so the closing didn't happen.

What I'm saying is...even though my husband worked 186 hours on a side job to get the money to join the academy, does not mean that he's " on board" with me about this just yet. Some people love u, but they may not always be into what u do until they see it for themselves.....and as sad as that is......I'm ok with that.

I deal with this every day...and alot others out there,too. It might slow me down from time to time(I'm working on that)-----BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TO STOP ME !!!

To anyone who might take the time to read this....don't u dare stop doing for yourself what the NEGATIVE PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING TO DO FOR YOU !!!! People have been telling me for years....You don't want to do that."," That's not gonna work."," YOU DON'T HAVE THE MONEY TO PLAY THE GAME.","Your gonna go broke doin' that"
NEWS FLASH---IF YOU ALREADY THERE, WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOOSE!!!LOL....just had to put that in there.

There's alot to be said about the 'like minded' people, here, and anywhere else.....when it's something you believe in, and in your sole-- and it's for all good have to go with your gut....not someone else's.

Have a great week, ERSIE

You're changing future generation to come!! :-)

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Just had to share this Dean. Picked up my son this afternoon, he's been with his dad last couple of days. He just told me that "hey mom I read your comment on DG!" He pulled it up on his iPod and watched this video earlier in the week. He's 14 and seeking the knowledge! Smiling

lol One of the lines in my Mother's Day card said "I love you and I am so proud of you for what you are doing in real estate" That made me cry!

See you've forever changed our lives! Smiling You never know the ripple effect one will have on another!

Appreciate you Dean!

God bless,
Jen Gray

Thank you

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Another loner entrepreneur here. I have tried many things but one thing I always seem to go back to is my passion for real estate. I guess it's because I see the opportunity everywhere that other's just pass by. Being alone slows me down for sure but I am mastering the art of ADAPTATION! I no longer look to those close...they don't believe and they discourage. They don't mean to be harmful but they are. However, they never take me out of the game. I simply ADAPT and talk about something else with them! Soon, they will adapt...when they all want to know my secret! Stay tuned!

What you said!!

What you said,hey to all the women out their don't give up if going in the closet or where ever you have to go to get some peace and to clear your mind then do but,let nothing get in your way of what's to keep eyes,ears,and mine open.The only way you don't success is you don"t try don't let anyone tell you any different,we all are here to help one another to reach there goals.Thanks to all the DG Family for all the support and love they give,keep up the good work.

Thanks Dean

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Can't wait for your message on Fathers da. As I watch each week. I'm glad I resolved my playback issues. Nice message.


Dean your being polite,I was at the edge and the girls are definetly kicking the door in Smiling But there are some of us guys that are going to make a showing so beware and see you next year with smiles. Enjoy & Until


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My name is Andreas Bousdoukos

My 30 days to real estate cash book arrived on March 18th and I started reading like crazy full motivation, BAD BAD Credit 0 Money and Yet I just did my first contract with buyer and seller on the 18th of May.
I made $1,850.00 on a deal that I spent about 3 hours total, in SIX days. we are waiting for the closing, that will be sometime next week.

Does this work??? OMG YES IT DOES.

Dean I have found a major passion about real estate.
I have never ever been involved in real estate, before your book.
I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU.

P.S. I am working on about 4 more deals and are looking very very good.
All commercial properties on one I will be making $160K another one $62,500 and the other one about $30K I cant wait till I get those done.

Again Dean Thank You...
I wish you the best for you and your family, cause you have really given me the best for mine...

Andreas Bousdoukos

Wow, it feels good.

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Dean, I remember one night I had to apologize to Megan before you and the others got on one of our conferences calls. I was sitting out in the car, shivering, hoping I'd have service for the call, because my husband got home early and would have been furious at me being on the phone with you instead of making supper, etc. Fortunately we weren't on the call long and got business taken care of before he was out of the shower. Yeah, that was my naysayer.

Nowadays I am free because of the training you give and my sheer determination to make it work. In your last segment at EDGE you said to not only look forward, but give ourselves credit for what we've accomplished. Honestly, I'd been pushing SOO hard and looking only forward that I hadn't looked back for a long, long time. When I got home, I tallied my progress. I was surprised to find that I had bought or assigned 54 properties already! 76 transactions! And I am doing so much creative REI now every day, and loving every second of it!, that it would be impossible to keep up with it in my journal!! WOOHOO!!

I want to encourage all of the ladies, all the amazing ones I met at the EDGE, and all those here, KEEP GOING!! Like Dean said, don't give yourself an option! One friend of mine that has been a DGer for years now has finally decided to quit her job and go at it full-time, full-force. She has been out putting up bandit signs, taking calls, and her excitement is just OVERFLOWING!! Her last day of work, June 6, we're gonna celebrate, and she WILL have deals in the works by then I know it. Smiling

Wow, this could get long. I'll stop. You just ignite a passion in me Dean, have from day one when I saw you on that late-night infomercial that so changed my life! THANK YOU!!!! Smiling

Jen Gray, Carol, Laura, Gena, Andrea, Lena, Anita, Linda, Tammy, Judi, Megan, Jonelle, there are so many more, thank you for being the women that you are and for being such an integral part in the blessing of myself and so many others!!

Guys, you are awesome too, and the names would be so many! Thank you for supporting us women! We are blessed to have you in our lives! Smiling))

so sincerely,

I believe in YOU

you can do it without the license!! go for it.

Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragement the naysayers will never understand what happened


I am always so inspired by each Weekly Wisdom!

Thanks so much again, Dean, for your inspiring words, for the ladies "in the house!" I am still on the sidelines but I know what I have to do to move into the game and looking forward to doing so!

Totally Fulfilled.

Dean, I have to tell you, I really enjoyed that book, can't remember at this point, if I wrote on this book or not, but I can very much relate to it. I have been working on the course as well, mind going in a whirl wind, nothing like trying to multi-task, too many things going on at same time. So much to learn. I apologize for not wishing you a Happy Father's Day. Belated one, truly prayed you enjoyed it. Have been trying to keep up on the web, of what you put on that, along with working on the schooling at same time, alot to take in, but absolutely enjoy all of it. Sometimes I get exhausted, trying to cram too much in at one time. I apologize for not keeping up with things, however I am doing my best, having cataracts isn't easy, but I don't give up, nor do I give in, guess we all have hiccups, but I am working on things, thanks for all the patience you have, and your staff being there for me, will talk to you soon, god bless stay safe and have a great week.

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