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John and Julie Wakefield
Canton, Michigan
About Me: 

When John and I joined the program, it was a very stressful time for us. The business we had for 25 years was struggling, and I was unhappy at my job, (which was in jeopardy due to impending mergers). Our son was in college, and our daughter was less than two years away from starting college. We were deep in debt.

John started buying books about real estate investing and was sure that this is what he wanted to do. He read several, and felt he was ready. I was very skeptical. Everyone said it was a bad time to get into real estate. I was also concerned, thinking it was too much of a risk. The first couple of deals did not turn out very well. He was discouraged, but not willing to give up.

John saw Dean’s infomercial late one night, and bought his book. He immediately knew that this book, (and the author) was different. Not only did it offer better tools and ideas, it left him motivated and EXCITED about real estate. He then joined the coaching program and things took off! I ended up leaving my job a little over a year later. We are now working together as full time real estate investors.

Going up north Michigan, boating, walking, riding our bikes, hanging out with our dogs (we have 4 of them!), John likes to fish...I sit in the boat with a good book. We love spending time with our family and close friends!!

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Full time real estate investors.
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


Congratulations JOHN !!!!!!

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On the contest!!!!! I just got back from out of town so I wanted to say GREAT JOB !!!!!!! It will be an amazing opportunity to do a deal with dean!!!!! enjoy your vacation......y ou deserve it .your hard work is rewarded
Success to you and your family


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It was real nice spending some time with you both at the Edge. You guys are doing an awesome job so keep up the good work and we will see ya at the Edge in 2012.

Take care

Steve and Veronica.


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Great to see you guys talking with Dean today 08/04/11. Gald to see you here in California I just wish you all were closer to Sacramento so we could invite you both over.

Enjoy your time out here.

Steve and Veronica.

Hey There

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Hey, so nice to here from you! California was beautiful. I (Julie) had never been. It would have been very nice to see you guys!!

Take Care,

John and Julie

Keep up the good work!

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Hey John!

I saw your success video, and I go back to it regularly to inspire me. I'm from northern MI (Gaylord) and I'm getting ready to set up my investing business here.

So many of these other people are in states that have alot more active markets and economies than MI. To see someone from my state, even if you're all the way "down there," keeps me focused and thinking about the future.

Anyways, just wanted to say "hey" and keep up the great work, man! Take care.


Thank you

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Hi Dave, I am glad i could inspire you. I do some investing in the Prudenville area too-Not to far from Gaylord. Now go get em!

Hi John and Julie

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congrats on winning the video contest; it's nice to see some of DG's successful students on this site giving advice and being a source of inspiration for all of us.
Hopefully I will be able to meet you at the Edge 2012!



Thanks Valerie

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Hi Valerie,
Thanks for the message and the kind words. We are proud to be part of such a committed group of people. We enjoy what we do and are so grateful for the people we have met since joining the program. Have a super great weekend!
Julie Wakefield

Dean's LIVE event

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Congrats, Julie & John - I am watching you guys right now on Dean's live event!!! You guys ROCK it. My partner and I are just getting started and we can't wait until we can say we are HALF as successful as you!!! We're taking advantage of everything available and TAKING ACTION! Thank You for being an inspiration! - Kristin

Yup, I get it!

Thank you for the encouragement. I have such high hopes and expectations! And I want to share that with so many.....one day! Smiling

I just saw this!

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Hi Smiling

I just saw your post!

If we have encouraged you, you are most welcome!!

I look forward to hearing (or reading) about your success.