Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #183 - Giving Props to the Ladies

On the heels of Mother's day, Dean has done a special message, honoring a special group of investors.

It's all about the ladies this week. So whether you're a guy or a gal, check this week's bit of video inspiration out and let it move you to do big things.

Thanks Dean

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Once again, thanks Dean for a wonderful weekly wisdom. I am one of those that are "doing it alone" so it helps to hear you cheering for us!Smiling I'm not married, and that's probably a good thing right now because I have enough naysayers in my life right now! Just had lunch with my sister and brother-in-law last Friday and they suggested that instead of signing up with the success academy that I should go back to school and get my real estate license. They also said that our town (College Station, TX) is a "unique" town and that I would have too much competition and that there were 200+ real estate agents that I would be competing against. Ha! Little do they know....

LOOK at what I've DONE!

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Ya Dean! We Ladies are kicking it!!!
Back from co-teaching my first Boots on the Ground in Minneapolis. What a thrill, what a dream come true- to help others onto this path of success, of turning America around and making some mean cash in the process. I had several women come up to me and express their gratitude to hear it from me - a "housewife", not a young one either - who is - dare I say it - KICKIN ASS.
I owe you.
Let's do this thing women. This is an opportunity like no other.

As always Dean, you do inspire me.

I am definitely alone and no support and will be 64 in a couple of weeks. I must "go for it" and show myself just what I can accomplish and be able to give more to others. By the Grace of God I did make it to the EDGE. I was determined even if I had to sleep under the stars. Thanks to a wonderful 20 y.o. on this site and US Air I made there and back. I am learning a lot which is a wonderful thing. One reason I am alone is because I do not want to deal with the naysayers. On that note I applaud the ladies who live with naysayers. I will read their postings and gain strength from what they have to share. You were so right Dean when you described the feelings we may have upon returning to the life we left behind for the weekend event. I hit bottom and fell into a funk. Yard work today and housekeeping. Tomorrow REI all damn day. I am strong and I am determined. Thank you ever so much. You are my HERO!

Thank You Dean!!!

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Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I'm in it to win it!!! No turning back, and definitely not going in it with one foot only!

Dean, I know exactly what you mean when you mention the naysayers being in our own home; but honestly, since I joined this family and from listening to your Weekly Wisdoms, I have gained the knowledge, the confidence and the strength that's enabled me to disregard all the skeptism and negativity that does surround me. I cannot change them, but I can certainly change me!

In Mark Twain's own words: "Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great."
You are a really great person, and you inspire us to be just a great as yourself!

There are indeed so many great women on this site that are an enormous inspiration for all of us Ladies, and that I so much admire! and I am working hard, every day, trying to follow in their footsteps to succeed in rei, be a better person, and hopefully pass on my knowledge to many more women!

With much appreciation for everything you do to help us succeed, not only in rei, but in our personal lives too...

Hi Dean,

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Hi Dean,

Thank you for this video blog, an amazing message! I hope that you were also able to see the very important message I sent to you last week through Megan and DJ. I continue to respect you and all that you do for the DG family. It was GREAT meeting you at The Edge! Happy Mother's day to your wife - the mother of your children, your Mom, and all the DG Moms! Smiling

God bless you and your family!



GIRLS ROCK!!!! :-)

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Thank you Dean! Was a pleasure meeting the guy that sparked it all. The one that gave me hope that if I'd just follow the techniques, do the work I could change my circumstances. I trusted you on it! Had nothing to lose! But I just couldn't shake the thought of 'what if' what if what this guys is saying is true and I don't do it?!? So I went for it! From the time I closed my 1st wholesale 11/3/10 with $13 in my forward 13 months and because of RE I was able to walk away from my full time job as an accountant on 12/16/11. As a single mom, working full definitely had it's challenges. But when you want something bad enough, when something is truly FIND a way. If it's not, you find an excuse!

No I didn't have a husband at home. But I did have to make some drastic changes. I had to cut some people out of my life. Ended relationship, distanced from friends and family. You have to protect your mind and protect your time. For me I DID have to 'surgically remove' (lol RG said it well) some people! Negativity is like cancer! It's toxic! It kills and destroys.
The right environment is pivotal to your success; embrace environments that positively contribute to your growth. We have to immerse ourselves into environments where we are celebrated, not tolerated but stretched. As Peter Marshall said "When we long for life without difficulties, reminds us that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." I had no support system, became my 'environment'! Where to me was as 'silver refined' being amongst this group of winners. This site, these people helped me push past the 'pain' the 'heat' to push through to obtain the reward!

You are right, you have to close the back door. You have to burn your canoe. Leaving no avenue for retreat. It's like being in the gym and saying "hey man will you spot me on this, I don't think I got it" NO you might as well pack your junk and go home. Because you WANT get it. You have to KNOW you are doing it! No matter what. Nothing is going to stop you, nothing will stand in your way! As drastic as it have to make it life or death! For me it truly was. Heck truth is, I was already 'dead'! I was busted and broke! You gave me hope. You breathed life into a girl that without an altered course was destined for a life of mediocrity, numbed to pain of suffocating to death in a cubicle. You gave me an out! I needed freedom like I needed air! I truly do thank God for you Dean!
I want to leave that legacy! RE been the tool that is allowing me to forever change lives. You made a comment at the Edge. "If we really want to help someone, get rich!" Sooo true! Most people's challenges can be solved with a check! Secure ourselves and be a blessing to others! Smiling

If your not climbing your sliding! NEVER stop climbing!

Thanks Dean,
Jen Gray

And yet another GREAT video

You really do get us all up and moving with your PEP talks every week. I look forward to them week after week. I just love it. Happy Mother's Day to ALL the Mommies in the DG family XO.
Let's all ROCK this week with REI.


You Inspire us to take massive action!

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You truly are an inspiration to us all. Your books and this site and all the great people with all the helpful advice. Everyone is wonderful. You were and still are one of the biggest reasons I felt that I could do this real estate thang! (lol) And now I am kicking butt and taking names. Let's keep up the great work.

God bless you, Dean! Smiling
Donna Wilson

Thank you for the

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Thank you for the inspiration. I can do this!

Thanks, Dean!

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i just ended a long-time relationship because it was draining me so much i couldn't concentrate on anything else. i love the man and probably always will, but i couldn't do what i need to when i constantly had to deal with personal issues. now i am free to do what i have to and i CAN do it! i know there are women really kicking it in REI and i shall be one of those too. i wish you and your family all the best, and to all the ladies kicking it out there - KEEP AFTER IT!!! i'm right there with you.

Thank You!

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I have to agree with everyone, you are the reason I started this reality and your videos are always inspiring. I'm one of the lucky ones that has my husband beside me every step and supporting any decision I make.


P.S. I know Donna and she really is kicking butt and has a lot Of names!!! Donna and her sister are also very inspiring. Thank you girls!

Thank you Dean for the Tribute to Women

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and even to those of us trying to make our first deal. I was like the woman in the closet hiding this information, but now I am starting to tell people what I do, I was my own skeptic, and didn't know if this was the real deal. I see now it is, and if I don't make it; it was my own fault. What am I saying; I am about to make my first deal, I am so close I can really almost feel it has already happened. I certainly didn't want my husband to naysay, but was surprise to find that he is on board, although he sometimes says where is your first house, come on sell a house. Koodoos to the ladies. And to the men; I suppose and can think of one guy who has the same problem of naysayers in their own house. You too can do it! Go get em'!

I'm new to the DG family

Hi all - especially the ladies!

I have been interested in RE for a while, just didn't know how to get into it. I followed DG for about a year, but was not sure how it would work, as I am in Canada. I bit the bullet and purchased the course and will be attending the workshop in Toronto this weekend.

I would love someone who has been through this from Canada to let me know how it went? My main concern is how to get deals done without having to travel to the US - I simply do not have that flexibility.

Does the course/DG put us in contact with the necessary reputable people, such as realtors, attorneys, managing agents, decorators and handymen? If not, how do we go around getting this network of people without traveling to the US?

Any help answering this would be appreciated, as well as any comment in general. I'm looking forward to being an active part of this community.


(Real Estate Student) OMG Feels so good to do that.

That was great, alot of truth to that, however, if you are persistent enough, Never, Never let anyone, block your way. I have always personally, achieved anything once I put my mind to something, showed perservence, that is the only way to achieve your goal. My faith and belief is what has gotten me to where I am, today, just so grateful of you for being there and an inspiration to us all, I am about to get this going myself, and so looking forward to it, I can't wait until it starts, overwhelmed with excitement, where most people will take their time at doing it, I will process as quickly as possible, lots of goals to take care of, so glad for you Dean Graziosi, god bless, look forward to your literature. Have a great week.

What Do I Have To Prove

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Thank you Dean! I don't have a husband, but I have two children that are 22 and 20 young Marines. It's important to me that I show my children that my efforts will pay off. That I can bring additional income in my household. I work in that job that has the oxygen mask.They want me to take Another huge reduction already took 33% 8yrs ago. April was a failed month for me in transactions.When I read about why people fail, I have begun to correct my way of doing business. I will say that in April I learned allot.
Meeting w/my real estate agent today. Putting in about 35 offers. Here's to making May work for us.

Thank You Is Not Enough


I've been reading your books late at night after everyone goes to bed. I've been studying your website and saving "secret" money to join your academy (Terry has been amazing!!). And I just bought my first fixer with my dad, who is as crazy for this as I am.

I finally broke down this past weekend and shared with my husband my desire to change careers and make real estate investing work for us and the bottom line is this. He's always supported me even when he didn't believe in what I was doing. But that has changed in the past bit. He married me thinking that I was extremely ambitious and now he doesn't think so. I have a hard time finishing things that I start...which is totally true and I'm working on that on the personal side of life. But as far as my careers go...real estate has always been my passion for as long as I can remember, even as a teenager. I think that I've been looking for things that will work for me instead of just doing what I love from the beginning.

So I was shot down in a very nice way but it took the wind out of my sails this weekend completely. I want to prove him wrong on so many levels. I'm going to not only complete all of my incomplete projects, but I'm going to make this work and get us out of this hole we are in for good.

Your weekly wisdom was EXACTLY what I needed this morning to keep me focused and motivated to not give up on my dreams...even if I go at it alone til the end. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart.


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I DO NOT have a long winded thing to share here... I AM BLESSED to have met on the blogs & facebook and at the FireSky some of these women to whom you speak of. As a man coming from a New Age Thinking Perspective for the last 41 years, to have you Recognize and Acknowledge these women honors we men who have been seeing them and learning from them and honoring them for so long. I am much older then you and yet there you are right there as an inspiration to all of us... and proving to the rest of we men that True Men like you will step up to change the world along side of these Amazing Women. I am honored to have had a chance to shake your hand sir. You go beyond Real Estate Investing Dean: You ARE the On-Going Experiment that Thomas Jefferson spoke about in his speach when the University of his name was dedicated. To paraphrase, he said America will be an On-Going Experiment! What they had hoped they left behind was an "Avenue" for that to continue into everyday life. You DEAN GRAZIOSI, is fulfilling this promise. You should be so proud. But I know within that marketing man, there is a Humble Soul, and a good farther from a trailer park who did NOT know what he could not do: Just like these Amazing Women! Bless them and Bless Your Heart!

Thanks for your encouragement for all women

Hi Dean,

I bought your book last year and your program and had to stop after the first week due to medical problems. This week, I am beginning again on my own and I am determined to succeed. So thank you so much for your encouragement.

Thanks Dean

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Hi Dean,

I have a wife that is just like you described, a naysayer and a dream stealer. I do Love her and I'm trying to prove her wrong in a polite way like you say. I must say it's like trying to push a wet spaghetti though, and double the effort!!!

Thanks for all your weekly wisdom!


From reading the comments

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This is a blog I need to see! Dean, you have changed my life completely. I am not able to watch this blog, I've been trying for the last 2 days now and it just won't load. I suspect there are so many people watching it, it is being locked up. As you know, I have a big naysayer husband, and the only way I'm going to prove to him this has any usefulness is to show him he can quit his job. Short of that, to him, I'm a huge failure. I'm going to post again once I'm able to watch the video. But, I know I'm not too far away from showing him the true power of real estate investing AND my true value and worth. Smiling

Woohoo for women

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Yep, my husband (although he does not say it out loud) is sitting and waiting for me to fail! Thanks for the positive talk today!

Yes the Ladies are KILLIN' IT!!!

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This msg rings oh so TRUE and has been a constant inspiration to me!!

I know you didn't mention names, but I want to give kudos to a few that probably unknowingly, have helped give me the motivation and determination to keep PUSHING.

- Tammy Reoch: Don't know how you persevere! I help my wife keep an almost 3 yr old boy and he alone is SO demanding! Your accomplishments are nothing short of Amazing!!

- Jen Gray: What can I say? You continue to inspire me, selflessly offering your time and sound advice WHENEVER I ask! Everything you've told me to do (if I do it); has turned out to be something positive and gotten me one step closer to my goals. You're my "home girl" and I appreciate all you've done more than you'll ever know.

There are others; Carol Stinson (my 1st DG inspritaion)!, Karen G (always an ANGEL), and a HUGE motivator! The list goes on, and on.

No; I haven't done a deal, as yet, but know that it is just around the corner. I've been "failing", but that means I am taking action and know that it will eventually yields results.

So, thank you Ladies! You are well deserving of this acknowledgement from the MAN!

Well, what do you say Guys? Looks like were gettin' it handed to us! We need to "pump up the jam" and get goin'! I don't like the taste of dust, do you??

Keep on PUSHing!!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

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Thank you, I definitely have a mentality that I will do it no matter what. But this message inspires me greatly. I do have naysayers living with me that are losing hope in me including the person I look at everyday in the mirror, but I know things are progressing perfectly. I haven't done any deals yet buy my buyers list is coming along quickly and I am learning everything I can from all of your great training and resources. I am so lucky and blessed that I saw you that night on your infomercial and became excited, because from that moment on I KNEW what I was going to do. The excitement is building everyday with every new relationship I make.
I appreciate all you do because you are one person who is truly interested in helping others!

The Women Warriors

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Your unique ability, Dean, is that you empower people. These women had it all along, but your example, your encouragement, and the confidence you have in ALL your students helps them to shine. What a gift that is!

I have so much respect for the women you are speaking of. They are an inspiration beyond words.

I just continue to be blown away by the good fortune of finding this network of people (that exists because of you), and a new career! I had to eat a little crow myself Eye-wink

Have a GREAT week!

Women in Closet

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Yes, I can relate more than you know. Thank You! Thank you So much! Your words and You are SO inspiring!

Dean, You are my Inspiration!

Dean, thank you for another wonderful blog! Yes, I'm alone...but not alone, I have you, the DG family and MYSELF!
I agree naysayers are negative influence in your life and toxic like cancer,and negativism kills creativity! I stay away from negative people and I won't let anyone stand in my waaaay!
Regards and God blessss you and family!

Go Ladies in all situations !!!

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I too, am one of the lucky ones with a supportive husband, BUT I just want to say that sometimes it is frustrating because I want to move forward SOOO quickly, but since he does have his real J-O-B to go to every day--it becomes hard for me to balance how much to "throw at him" when he is around and exhausted! So, many times, even with a supportive spouse, you can feel a little alone too !! That's where the DG family comes in to offer support and encouragement !
We thought we had our first Wholesale deal done last week, but when we got down to the end, the seller did not have possession of the deed yet, so the buyer wants to wait until that is in place. Seller is "holding" it for us ! But we will just keep moving forward with other leads. We also met with a new agent that we hope will submit our offers more quickly--submitted 5 in 2 days already ! (previous agent had about 40 and hasn't told us he submitted any yet !?) We also met some great new buyers--one at a community function we were volunteering at, and one who is the landlord of potential tenants--great way we find buyers lately--calling current landlords of potential tenants !!!! Thanks Dean for the great blog !

I know that woman well

I am that woman you spoke of. My biggest nemesis was my husband whom I love dearly. Indeed, I had educational material stashed though out the house; Waking up at three of four am to study under the radar. He was not at all supportive and very negative. But then I remembered what Dean said about accepting opinions from unqualified people. I tried to remember that God had placed the dream in me not in my husband. He simply couldn’t see the potential, had no faith in something he cared not to understand. I think this was for two reasons; he was relying on the media and other naysayer secondary information. We however, know differently because we study RE intensively. The next is because as dean said, he’d allowed the world to make him a bit pessimistic and he simply wanted to protect me.
All I can say is throughout all the various times I had to defend RE, my dream only continued to grow. Prayer and perseverance has brought me this far and shall carry me though. Keep your faith and keep moving forward. Don’t stop moving on “what you know, like you know it is right”! There’s a reason why pursuing real estate feels, just so right, that’s because it is! You know it and soon he will too.
Prosperity is waiting for both of you, he will come around. You just can’t allow yourself to become distracted by his views. Remain focused on your overall goal and your family will be lifted to a higher level.
Hebrews 11:1

Being Alone is Hard but I'm doing it....

Hi Dean I've been listening to you for sometime now and I've read some of your books and I'm one of them closet people...I'm steal having a hard time getting out...I have accomplished alot in 2 years...I started out with 1 rental and now I have 5 and going on the 6th...I never realized I was doing deals but I just pushed. I still have a full time job, I manage my Rentals and I'm a Manufactured Home Dealer. I quite 2 of my other jobs and became a manufactured see I had to do something I was almost went bankrupt my husband is gone, not dead he just messed up bad and happens to be away for awhile. With no extra income took up 3 jobs, I almost gave up the bad way gave up. when the saying goes you can loose everything over night well it's true... I watched alot of your infamercials and I have gotten you books and I have lots of nay sayers around me if I listened to them they would of had me sell was your infamercial that made me wake up...anyway I could go on but I best make this short...Thank you Dean on the great blog Smiling I will be one of them on the top...

Thanks Dean

No words to say but WOW. That lit my fire again LOL. Smiling

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