Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #241 - Getting Derailed

Tiny little shifts in our thinking make a HUGE difference in how we act and what we accomplish. Our minds can quietly derail us…knock us off track and get us stuck. The bottom line is what we choose to think about really does make a MASSIVE difference in how we live our life.


This is also the last week to get this book Dean shared about last week. When you do so, not only will you alter your own path for the better, you’ll be effortlessly helping the victims of the Oklahoma tornados because I’m making a donation to them for every person who grabs this free book.


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Just ordered the book, looking forward to reading it 'cover to cover' Smiling



I keep hearing that word over and over. I think God is trying to get thru to me! I have now heard it from three different sources. I think I have this mindset and I want it gone!

Ordered the book. Got another one on a whim at a bookstore. It talks about the battlefield of the mind. I'm totally soaking this stuff up. I'm sooo ready to change!


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Thanks Dean,
I just received my book, can't wait to read it!


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Corky Ballas
Houston Texas


Hi Dean, I just got the book ABUNDANCE that I ordered through your site, and will begin reading it; I have had a chance to do some picking and for what I read it has a lot of wisdom.

I sent an e-mail to Mr. Diamandis staff, to instruct me on how to get a PDF file to pass it on to my son and daughter that work as teachers in an underprivileged area that I think will help them a lot.

Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to be able to have this book.


Thank you! We are living in

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Thank you! We are living in Abundance!

some neighborhood

Wow Dean, Uncle Matt + Uncle Joe next door Smiling
awesome delivery, awaiting my copy. Love the morning sun, everyone should try a paper route when young. Stay positive, that managers training working out, or was that the first?
Enjoy & Until

Hey Dean

Hey Dean,
How we think is the key to how we would respond to anything. Thanks again for reminding me to keep positive thoughts flowing, then I'll keep positive actions going. Appreciate you man!


You are the definition of a

You are the definition of a real leader and mentor as a result of currently that you've got created multi-generational wealth for your family you're serving to others win their dreams,

Weekly Wisdom re abundance

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It is truly a great thing that you are doing helping families outside of the DG families. We just received our book. My partner has already started reading it. The funny thing is we both ordered one without realizing the other did so now we have 2 copies. We look forward to sharing the knowledge with others.

Staying on track

Definitely going to remember to keep my thoughts in check & stay on the abundant side of things!

***Also, I don't know how long the offer was extended, yet I just ordered the book within the last few days and still got it for FREE....
so if anybody is wanting to grab the book you may still have a chance.


Perfect timing!

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Thanks for keeping us on track Dean.

weekly wisdom # 250


I was scrolling the pages of your old weekly wisdoms and this one caught my eye weekly wisdom #250 I remember watching it before when it came out last year and I watched it today. And I really really appreciate you doing this video blog it's just want I needed today.

I get sunk with family negativity it really sinks me and I feel I cannot move on and this weekly wisdom really helped me.

Thanks!!!!! much!!!!

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