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Dave & Cheryl
Central - South New Jersey
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Real Estate has been an interest of ours for many years. Several years ago we signed up for similar real estate programs but, felt we weren't ready to move ahead raising our two small children. Since then life has given us more experience and confidence. We feel more ready to invest now! Better now than never!

We've been on this website for several years listening to Dean's weekly blogs after buying our first book from him. We've purchased several of Dean's DVD's also. We also have gone to and met Dean at EDGE 2010. We joined the Success Academy and are now a part of Insider Elite. We certainly have gained alot of knowledge and are ready to take action!

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Cheryl and Dave,

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I just wanted to stop by your guestpage and say hello. Keep up the good work and I am sure the next deal is right around the corner. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

Thanks Joe. You're the first

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Thanks Joe. You're the first to send a message in our guestbook! Thanks again for your encouragement and believing in us. Good luck with all your REI this year.

Hi Cheryl and Dave

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Just stopping by to wish you great success with your rei career.
Looking forward to hearing about your deals!


Valerie, Thanks so much for

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Thanks so much for stopping by. It's so great to hear encouragement from other investors here. We've been on this site along time but, are finally taking action. Good luck to you and looking forward to hear more about your future deals also!

Cheryl & Dave

help me please

i have put flyers in 1 hospital, two laundrymats 3 grocier stores and a few at the liberary i have no recorded message. i cant afford that right now so i will try to use my cell phone for now i have sellers ALL over my area where i live but have not talk to any sellers on y they r selling i firgured to try to get buyers asap that will fit the 3bd/2ba house criteria of those buyers so when i do get to talk to the sellers i can make a quick deal NOW do i need a agent/moragage broker and attorney right now because i can barely get me a good decent meal some advice will b very much appreciated thank u for your time

Dean's recent Recepi Blog Event

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Hi Cheryl & Dave,
I missed the opportunity to get in on Dean's recent offer for help with the Right Education, Proven Marketing, Automation and most important Mentoring. Were you on the TeleSeminar or get involved with his offer August 1st. I would like to put our heads together to start motivating eachother and making it happen.
Sorry for my long response time from your last email.
Hope you are going strong and having good luck.

Tom from Central Jersey


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It's been a long time since we sent messages. We got distracted with everyday life but, are still here. Are you still interested in REI? We are planning to start wholesaling right now. Thanks.

Cheryl & Dave