Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #241 - Getting Derailed

Tiny little shifts in our thinking make a HUGE difference in how we act and what we accomplish. Our minds can quietly derail us…knock us off track and get us stuck. The bottom line is what we choose to think about really does make a MASSIVE difference in how we live our life.


This is also the last week to get this book Dean shared about last week. When you do so, not only will you alter your own path for the better, you’ll be effortlessly helping the victims of the Oklahoma tornados because I’m making a donation to them for every person who grabs this free book.


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I love it! I ordered it and I'm so looking forward to it!

So much joy and goodness is happening in all our lives and this is definitely adding to all of it!



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We are waiting for the book, ordered it last week and can't wait for it to show. Still reading The How of Happiness, hope to have that done by the time this one shows up. THANKS for a great Area Manager training this past weekend. Wish you could of stuck around but Matt and the rest took great care of us. Until The Edge Michelle was just supporting my real estate investing, but something there triggered her and she made the decision about this AM training and we worked on our To Do's for about 3 hours Sun on the plane ride home. LOVING IT!! THANKS!


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Hi Dean: Tried to order the book. Would not let me in to order. I will have to get it from Amazon.

Thank you for all that you do.

Kathy Wensel

bun dance

like steve and veronica I want to thank you for your constant motivation, your messages are always so chalked full of life. joining with your team is the Best thing I have ever done. The book came today and is next to my couch. Instead of being nervous about calling buyers and sellers I am now actually dividing my time between doin that with ease, making offers and looking at props to wholesale. deanno, merci

Welcome to my world

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Hey Dean,
And others. This is how I think on so many issues. I always think of the smiley face with the bullet hole in the forehead. I'm so possitive is rediculas. Being in my condition it's critical to my success (physically). REI is just an off-shoot of my attitude.

Hey guys keep a positive attitude and ypo'll succeed. Happy investing.

Thanks Dean

I cant wait too get the book. This was a excellent blog. Dean we are so lucky,too have you as a teacher and mentor. Great person take care, Carol in Texas

Thinking Abundantly

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I am looking forward to reading this book, I ordered it last week and watching for it. Thank you for sharing this, it is so true on being grateful on the things we have instead of focusing on what we don't have or what is wrong... How can we get information on the manager training? I know you offered it at the Edge, but is it still an option? Thank you for sharing your positive thoughts Dean!


This was a GREAT video -- the best one I have seen of all your videoa. Ordered the book. The rules of nature show we have true abundance -- the waves of the ocean and the great sands all show it. We need toremember it in all ways and all days. Thanks.

Thanks Dean!

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Stay in an abundance mindset and keep moving forward.



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I will admit there is a lot on negativity around and in my life. When you experience the unfortunate it's difficult to turn it around to positive. But, if this book helps to look beyond not maybe all but some of this it will be one positive thing in our lives.

Best 30 mins spent!

Best 30 mins spent!

weekly wisdom 241

Thank you Dean for your weekly wisdom 241
Man I just love watching your weekly wisdoms.
Please keep doing them they keep me motivated.
I love coming to your site, it is a place where I can hear, read and see positive people and be in a circle of the same mind set of people doing real estate.
I really really love your site and I when I give a compliment I mean it.

Thank you again!

I'm Abundant!

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I love the message Smiling. I got the book and will try to incorporate the teachings into my life. Thanks Dean!

Eric Lum & Judy Lay

Nice Hat

Great Blog. What's up with the hat? Smiling


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thanks you very much, I will start working!!1

Thank you Dean



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Thank you for making us all WINNERS!! We have so much to be grateful for, and the greatest opportunity in the world to be -- and STAY! -- WINNERS!! We all have our bad days, but thank God we can choose to get back up and be absolute conquerors!! Woohoo!!!

Thank you for the ongoing training. You never ever drop the ball, and you encourage us to live up to our full potential. What an awesome life we live!! Smiling))

Blessings abundant,

Hi Dean!

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Thanks for the weekly wisdom. It's funny when you mentioned flying in a plane and people complaining in comparison to covered wagons. LOL. My husband and I always laugh at this and think of the commedian Louis C.K. that had this in his stand up a few years back. It always help keep things in perspective in a humorous way.
I will definately be getting this book from you and thank you for the free oportunity for only s/h.
Best always,


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My future is better than anything this world has ever seen. I will begin my 72nd year, this year, on this planet, in this country. I have personally seen awesome changes for the better. In these 72 years I have seen the opportunity for comfort and joy, and meaningful personal pursuit of happiness MULTIPLY over and over in ways I never expected.
Most of us elderly people today are complaining about Social Security being watered down, and Medicare being taken away. But, this same government, that almost everyone is complaining about, gave us the right to complain. And this same economy, that has caused some of us retired folks to go back to work, gives us a job to go back to. For instance, I am now working for AT&T at a full-time job, sitting, talking on a phone, doing something I can do, helping people. Fifty years ago that was unthinkable, except for the privileged few, who were independently wealthy.
It is human nature to categorize and stereotype everything we see. In order to understand the world around us, we must form closure. That means, we must rearrange things into something we can understand. But, many times we carry that too far and see things as all good or all bad, when nothing is all good or all bad. And, more often than not, we see the bad side of eveything. All one has to do is look for it, and you can find good in anything, absolutely everything. My mother used to say, “Even the devil is a hard worker”.
The bottom line is, I am the only person able to make myself happy. No one else can do that for me. I can see the bad in everything, and make myself miserable, or I can look for the good in everything, and make myself one of the happiest persons alive. At my age, believe me, I am happy to be alive and kicking. I can't wait from day to day to see what good thing is going to happen today that I have never seen before.
Dean, you are a happy man, because you look for happiness. This world could use a few more men like you.

If you think you can or think you can''re right

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Excellent message. Found myself thinking about all the challenges and bad things going on in the world instead of the good. I bought a book called "The Magic" put out by the same people as "The Secret". This book had a day by day plan to get you back on track. It worked really well. First day, I wrote 10 things I was grateful for. Then I read them out loud and said "Thank You Thank You Thank You" with as much feeling as I could. Did this every day. 2nd day I added a reminder "gratitude rock" next to my bed. Each night I pick up the rock and think of all the things I was grateful for and pick my favorite. It goes on and on. But just these two things make you think positively first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. I did the money magnet exercise and ended up with a surprise of over $700 from an account I had closed previously. Have my million dollar check on my intent board behind my computer. And lived one of my dreams this weekend. One of the things I wanted to do more was spend time with friends. I put a picture of people having dinner with candlelight and smiling faces on my intent board. Sunday, that was the scene at our home. Making dreams come true with a positive attitude. YES!

Stopping to Remeber How Great Life Is

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Thank You Again Dean for the Awesome Video again, Sometimes We All do have to just STOP ,Even just for a moment and just reflect How truly Great Life is and Just let it Soak in Smiling We absolutely live in the Best times and best country ,where we can come and Go,Do what we want,and be who we want ( we Just have to put our Best Foot Forward, No matter where and what is Going on in Our life's Tomorrow is always A Better day & Things will Always Get Better.I like to Go for a Nice Quiet walk in the Early Morning and Just reflect and Look around and Thank Our Lord for Everything in My life Smiling "We have to Remember there are so Many people in this world who definitely have it worse than we Do":(
Thank You Dean & All The DG Family for all you do and the Golden Nuggets of Advice as Always You Share With Us All Smiling
Lets All have A Great Week And Remember To Take A Min. To Reflect How Great Our Life's Truly Are And How Blessed We Are Smiling Smiling
Darren From Calif.


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Dear Dean, you never fail to deliver, always on track.
Thanks Again,

Abundance etc...

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Dean and All Readers,

I don't usually post as every success and failure for me is tied into the emotional makeup and difficulties of my life and I do not want the oh poor me attitude to be any part of message. I know I am a dime a dozen in the things are tough in life, we all our. But for me they always seem to go hand in hand.
I spent the last few days at my daughter's graduation from college. Family events are never pleasant as it is only me and my ex with his family who attend. Long of short of it is most members of the ex family are passive aggressive towards me in very evil ways. It has been this way for about 18 years and I have always lived in terror on a daily bases never knowing what they will do next, but I will not miss the miles stones of my children I raised and love because of it, nor will I deny them the right to share with their father and his family. Somehow this weekend was completely different for me. I was still scared, sick to my stomach the whole time but somehow I still managed to rise above it all and revel in my daughter's accomplishments and shine as me as I did it. I credit this transformation in me and to this knowledge Dean provides over and over and to me actually applying it. Not just the nuts and bolts of RE, but the mindset which without I will never succeed in RE. The ability to perserve against all odds, steep leaning curves, opposition and recognize that despite the crap, negative attitudes, mine/theirs we all face there is abundance in every situation and we are lucky. I am and so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from Dean and really transform my life. May you all do the same!

awesome energy Dean

Love your enthusiam today in the video. My book just arrived today and I can't wait to dive into it. You are awesome Dean and I love how you reach out to everyone.


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Speaking of gratitude--major thanks to you and especially to Matt for the utterly incredible Area Manager Training. Can't say enough about how awesome it was to just be surrounded by like-minded people for 3 whole days. Yahoo!!!!

The Book

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I haven't even read this book. But because your telling us about it Dean,I order it last week,and now I am emailing my family and friends to order this book,because i don't want them to miss out, on this great opportunity. And knowing what your going to do with the money that your going to make. Make's me fill i am doing the wright thing by sharing this book with as many people i know.

When you give from the heart,
God gives Abundance,where Abundance belong's.


waiting on redemption period

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I've got 2 liens that redeem Dec 2015. What can I do with them in the meantime to get some money? Thanks

Other than the absent logo, I thought you were wearing my hat!

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Ha. Kidding... I ordered the book tonight. I am still trying to overcome the past problems stemming from my accident. My dog passed away this May and it, together with evictions and taxes, really had me down hearted. I increased my tithes, prayed vigorously and am reminded, with this video, how lucky I really am. I am in good health, can walk again & am on the case to overcome my past, and the obstacles stemming from it. I appreciate that the proceeds will help the Oklahoma people; they have dire issues and people helping people is what will save America! Thank you Dean for being a part of that. I'll have to send a pic with me in the hat-ha, or on my profile. Til next time, Sher

Weekly Wisdom Abundance Mindset

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Lots of good stuff Dean it is always fun going over things & learning more I always catch something I messed WOW you are the best out here keep up the good work Thanks

Key to Life!

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It's never about what people say you are. Believe in yourself and anything is possible.

Dean - I'm so glad I had the chance to meet you at the Area Manager training. My life is changing from this moment on because I know what is possible. Thanks for your never ending inspiration. I look forward to seeing you and all my new friends again soon!

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