Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #241 - Getting Derailed

Tiny little shifts in our thinking make a HUGE difference in how we act and what we accomplish. Our minds can quietly derail us…knock us off track and get us stuck. The bottom line is what we choose to think about really does make a MASSIVE difference in how we live our life.


This is also the last week to get this book Dean shared about last week. When you do so, not only will you alter your own path for the better, you’ll be effortlessly helping the victims of the Oklahoma tornados because I’m making a donation to them for every person who grabs this free book.


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Dean - I cannot THANK YOU enough for the area manager training this past weekend! I was blown out of the water with the knowledge and friendships gained!

You are the definition of a true leader and mentor because now that you've created multi-generational wealth for your family you are helping others achieve their dreams, too!!!

There is plenty for everyone - I hope this post might inspire one more person to ride the wave!



This book is the best so all grab a copy before it is gone. totally worth 6.95 people.

Just ordered

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Abundance...can't wait to get it in the mail! Thanks Dean! Hope you had a great Father's Day!

Amazing Book from an Amazing Leader

This book is something that everyone should read. The scarcity mentality of the people in this country as well as the feeling of entitlement that our younger generation possess has a lot to do with many of the things wrong in our country. Every person has the ability to build a future, provide for themselves and for their family by doing whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. You just have to work for it.

The one thing that is missing many times though is a leader, a mentor, someone willing to go out in front, take the lumps, learn the secrets to success and then share them. We have that in Dean. In my career, I have heard many times that ANYONE can be a manager, but it takes someone special to be a leader. I have met many managers in my life. I have met only a few Leaders and I can say without question, Dean is one of those few. What he has taught us all, offered to us all, shared with us all, is amazing. That is if... if you are willing to take it and do something with it.

I also attended the Area Manager training this weekend and was also blown away by the knowledge, information, guidance and work that not only Dean and Matt have put into this but Dean's entire staff. All I can say is wow... we are truly lucky to have been allowed to attend this and learn from some of the best in the business.

Thank you Dean, Thank you Matt, Thank you Nick, Mike, Jeremy, and everyone else that put this together. You can trust that I WILL take action, I WILL be successful and most of all, I WILL use that education to lead everyone I work with toward the dreams they have as well.

Dean, I truly appreciate you and all that you offer us. By the way... Happy Father's Day as well.



You are simply the best - better than all the rest. Gracias, Thank you.

Thank you Dean

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for helping us have an abundance mind; I ordered the book last week and I am anxiously waiting for its arrival!

It is true that we are a bit spoiled, and we forget to be grateful for all the things that are so easily available to us... I admit that sometimes I just seem to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and I forget to 'take the time to smell the roses'

I will consciously make an effort to have an abundance mind this week Smiling

with gratitude,

Thanks Dean!

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We are waiting for the book to arrive in the mail any day. Also have seen a couple of the authors videos. Great stuff.
I also attended the Area Manager training this past week. I plan on using what was taught to at LEAST double my business. Sorry you had to leave, but your team was there for you!!


Getting Derailed

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......Very easy to be derailed by " Other Stuff " in our lives.

Key is to stay focused.....and let nothing derail us......

The decisions we make in life.....will determine the life we live.....

Hope you had a great Father's Day with your family......btw.....Hat looks good on you....Smiling


abundant mind set

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Thanks Dean,

You always put us back on track.

Thank you Dean

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That was a great weekly wisdom Dean. We do live in the best place in the world. Yes we all have bumps in the road but look around, what a great place to be.

Thank you Dean for giving us weekly motivation also. We all get a little beat up during the week. Like hearing a good message at church your weekly wisdom builds us back up to face a new week.

Steve and Veronica


I can't wait to read this book and to keep it forever in my view!

Have a beautiful week of abundance everyone!


Thanks Dean

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Dean, although I already have this book, I will be getting another copy to give to my son who at the age of 16 thinks the world revolves around him. He is about to learn that it's tough out here and he will have to work to get whatever he wants. But he must also realize that he is living in an abundant world and if he applies himself with that mindset, he can achieve the unthinkable.

Also, you donation of time and the proceeds to the families in Oklahoma is beyond praise. You have such a good and giving heart.

Thanks again.

Leon J

Dean you are absolutely

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Dean you are absolutely right. We are so fortunate to live in the world as we no it. I think about that sometimes when I am coming out of a grocery store! a few years ago we all would be foraging for our food . Look at how convenient it is to provide for our families in this day and age. We are blessed. Thank you for the reminder. Donna

I am abundant in every good way.....!

Dean, excellent topic; I can't wait to get the book. I too was "caught up" in the "negative" aspects of my life, not enuf money, time to do stuff.

But here's the rub, we do have the time and if we'd just stop complaining, feeling entitled, being spoiled, we'd get to where we want to be much faster, and happier.

I'm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and thank you for thinking about my neighbors in Moore, Oklahoma. You're such a Godsend. Thank you again. Denise

Abundance is a way of thinking

Thanks for the reminder, Dean, on how blessed we truly are to be in this day and age. We are living in the greatest time in history. It's so easy to focus on "what I don't have", or "this isn't working". Whatever excuse we come up with to justify where we are currently. I'm guilty of doing that as well. But we(ME) are all ONE DECISION away from flipping that switch. And the truth of it is, no one else can flip that switch but us(ME). I ordered the book last week, and I can't wait to read it. There are many roadblocks that can get in the way of our(MY) success, but the biggest one is us(ME). Keep Moving Forward.

Abundance mind set

Hi Dean! This was one of the best videos you did: I teach these things for my kids every single day but I didn't realized I was acting in the opposite way in my new real estate life. Thanks for the reinforcement on our gratitude and patience and not to give up! God bless you!

Dean, excellent clip.

Dean, excellent clip. I am new to your site and I just want to say that I find it refreshing and inspiring. I once learned that things don't affect you for what they are but for what you think about them. The abundance and gratitude way of thinking is the way to a successful and happy life. I'm getting the book and I hope to become more educated in real estate; I too inspire to becoming successful for my family, my self and all those around me.

Just look at the number of petals in a dandelion

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Abundance is everywhere. Our heavenly Father lavishly provides. Thank your for always spurring us into the light and towards abundance. AREA Manager training was life changing. John and I were privileged to be there. You'll be hearing from us in a big abundant way! Smiling


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Hey Dean,

Great message this week. You can't hold negative thoughts and feelings if you are realizing appreciation. It's like trying to sit down and stand up at the same can't.

No matter what our situation is, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. We need to stop and remember that like you said.

Looking forward to getting the book. Thanks for your generosity.

Have a great week!!


Staying positive

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No matter how troublesome things seem, I have always worked hard at focusing on what I have to be thankful for, rather than the difficulties in my life. It's what keeps me going. If I allow myself to become "polluted" with all kinds of negative thinking, then that's just going to cause more damage to the situation at hand.

Something I am reading right now...

"...the way we feel and the way we act is caused by what we THINK and not necessarily what happens to us.This is the foundational belief that everyone must realize in order to live happy and successful lives. It gives us, as individuals, RESPONSIBILITY for our actions and feelings. It tells us we have control over our lives.
...many of us have relinquished our control to events in our lives. We allow events to DICTATE our lives. We must reclaim control and power. The first and vital step in this building process is to reclaim responsibilty for our actions and feelings."

Thank you Dean, for the continuous positive nourishment!!

thanks Dean

I can't wait to get this book in the mail as usual what a good way to help all of us get on track.

Area Manager Training

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I wanted to tell you that Julie and I thought the Area Manager training this past weekend was awesome. This is a system like no other. We will start implementing the changes in our business to take it to the next level and beyond! This is the kind of training you can only get from A players. You and your entire staff are AAA Players!
Thank you!

John Wakefield

Awesome as usual Dean!

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Another great talk that picked me up the devil was playing w/my head this past weekend & telling me I couldnt do this, that my partners are going to leave me behind, yiou aren't worthy of this blah blah blah, well I am ingnoring that voice and going forward as Carol tells us My life is changing, I am awesome! I will never be the same!

Area Manager Abundance !!!

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Thanks so much for the AREA MANAGER training this past weekend--and for making it possible for us !!! We will take it to the next level with this additional knowledge !!! Your team was so awesome and I feel of their support and like our DG family just grew even bigger !!!! We are truly blessed with all we have and to have the ability to DECIDE to have the abundant mindset !


Having an attitude of

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Having an attitude of gratitude really is the key. I really get irritated with people who complain about whats not going right because most of the time it is the things we take for granted that others would love to experience. Being thankful for the little things will take you a long way, and it will keep your mind at ease.

An abundance of information

Thanks, Dean for reminding us to see things with "gratitude" instead of "attitude". With so much to learn and put to use, I often find myself overwhelmed. Starting today - I will remember how lucky I am in having generous teachers that happily share their years of knowledge and experience with me.

International pricing

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The shipping for this book internationally is higher than buying it as an e-book. So I guess I will buy the electronic version. Thanks anyway for the sentiment.

abundance book question

Is the book free to receive but if you decide to keep it you pay whatever for book in addition to the shipping?

Or is it free to get and keep and you only pay for shipping?

I'm not sure, please let me know.

Thank You Dean

Waiting for my book to arrive any day now.
Looking forward to reading it cover to cover several times then dissecting it.
How does one go about getting info on the area manager training? thank you.


Abundance thinking

Like your are listening in my head. Timing is perfect, I have ordered it last week, watching for it. This wisdom was timely and needed the refocus. Thank you for the perspective. I hear the training was awesome, would love to be a part of it next time. Maybe somehow to get some for new users with VERY tight budgets? Something to kick off those new starters? Again, thank you for all you give and share to help us get and stay on course.

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