Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #273 - (2 FREE TICKETS) Hard Money Secret and More!

Watch the replay of the killer live cast with Gena and Andrea two of Dean's top students as they reveal up to date secrets and share how you can attend this years EDGE event..

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This week find out:

  • How to master your ideal destination
  • The simple step to find insane deals in your backyard through Hard Money lenders.
  • Get the Secrets of Andrea and Gena, two rocks star students kicking the S#%T out of today’s real estate market.
  • And that’s just the start of it.

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Shifting my thinking to focusing more on what I want and know it is a wonderful tip. Thanks you for reminding me of that. I know it but it does not stick. How do I get it to stick? Got to figure that out. Your weekly wisdoms are soooo great!

Thanks again

Great advice Dean.

gabewilson83's picture

Its funny that you talk about what we should focus on the most, I've been getting that advice all week and you just put the cherry on top as I heard it from you as well. Thank you Dean.


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I need a boost and with your energy and the example of Gena and Andrea, this sounds like just what I need!


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Can't wait!

Looking forward to it

Another building block to success! Have to take advantage of all the tools in the box to build the house correctly.

Calendar Marked!!!

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thank you Dean!

can't wait to hear what these two amazing women investors have to share with us this time! The women are rocking the DG House!!! WoooHooo!!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Edge very soon!

So Excited!!!

I can't wait to see what these amazing ladies have to share!!!! It's always very inspiring to see the ladies kick butt in real estate!!! I'll be sure to follow their advice to the letter!!
Thank you Dean for always giving us more. You are a very generous person and I'm very proud to be part of this amazing DG family!!


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Cant wait to see my good friends Andrea and Gena Rock it out. They are awesome! You're ok too Dean Smiling
John Wakefield

I love your ENTHUSIASM!!!

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Dean you are awesome! I just want you to know that your energy helps everyone and encourages and strengthens all of your DG family. Because you are so genuine and true in all that you do, online and in person, you set a truly great example to us all. I just want you to know that I appreciate who you are and I aspire to be someone like you. I have it in me just like all of your DG family and you go out of your way to bring it out in all of us!!! I truly appreciate that because it has truly changed my life. It is changing my life everyday.

And I am getting someone to teach my classes next Tuesday so I can attend the webinar to be in the running for the Edge Event. I had resolved in my heart that I can not be there this year, even though I have been there the last 2 years, because of this crazy spiritual journey that I am on. I am working on finding my true purpose, my unique ability. I am a great teacher and I am a great real estate investor too which I have proven to myself by closing 12 deals since I met you. But doubt has gotten me stuck. I am now again one of your insider elite students thank goodness and with all my heart I would love to be at the Edge this year. So THANK YOU SO MUCH for the opportunity of winning the experience and if I don't win then I will see you again next year!!!



Listen... I have been an insider & in advanced education since May.... Havent been able to take real advantage of all the Great benefits due to Many of life's challenges....
Please help me learn how to get back in the saddle as thigs are starting to clear up and I am More Than Ready to Kick Some Butt!!


John Stofer


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I look forward to the Livecast on the 4th and hearing what these all of are have to teach us. Thanks for the info on the HML and all that you share with us. I know that 2014 will be a great year even better than 2013. Rock on.

hard money lender....knowing what you want

Thanks again Dean for your great Weekly Wisdom and always giving it your all.... I like that idea with hard money lenders and knowing what you want in life. Recently, not to looog ago I was in that same situation in regards to focusing on what you dont want and hittng walll as a result ......finally getting rid of that stickin thinkin and moving forward resulting from focusing on what I want and getting rid of that interference in my life so I can focus on what I it is tooo easy to get caught in the rut of life and focus on the negative that gets us nowhere and we do not realize it unless we step back and analyze the situation or if we associate with like minded people such as ourselves who show us that we are in that rut on the road to nowhere and need to get out!!! have a awesome week Dean / DG FAm


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Dear Dean, You constantly remind and reconfirm
where we should go and how to get there. These
are things that I try to focus on and it's good
to be reminded--THANKS.

Hard lenders ( great ideal)

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Thanks again. What a great ideal, can't wait to hear what else they are going to share with us , would realy love to attend the edge event , but I would have to be the winner to do so , my fingers are crossed and making a wish. Other wise I'll just watch on the 4th. Good luck to all.

View Of Hard Money Lender

Hey DG family we are on to something very big in making a change in our lives for the betterment and this is the second time I've heard someone say use the hard money to find good deals at the mouth of two a thing is established and I'd like to thank you Dean for all the good info you are giving this is wisdom crying out happy feeling is in the air.


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I am the only one who cannot register? When I click the link or either go to it says Invalid Server Certificate, help! I want to register to get free tix & hotel etc.

Focus on the Clearing


Awesome and inspirational! I have been a silent fan for years. I bought my first book from an infomercial when I lost my job in 2009 hoping to get out of a seemingly downhill spiral. 2 years later I purchased "The Edge" package and attended the event. But I never got past the fear and insecurity of taking that next step.

I loved your weekly wisdom! I have a tendency to focus on that wall too and I seem to hit it when I do. 8-< When I heard you say that you need to focus on that clearing and not the wall it was as if a light bulb went off. Kind of an ah-ha moment or a reminder to get back to thinking positive rather than negative in everything that you do. Thanks for that!

I have registered for the LiveCast on Feb. 4th. I am looking forward to getting that inspiration back that I once had and take that next big step.

Thanks! Joni

Great stuff

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Wow, great nugget, talking to HML about properties, sweet! See you all on the 4th.

Edge Event

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Dean, thank you so much for sharing all of your amazing strategies and others strategies. My husband and I went to the Edge last year and we can't wait to go this year!!!!

Most people talk about what they don't want but you are right when you ask them what do they really want they can't answer right away, it takes a while because they have been so consumed with what they don't have and what they don't want. Make it happen is my thought!!!

Take care,

Tina Scott

Hard money lender's deals

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Thank you Dean for lighting up about Hard money lender deals because I skipped them from my agent before but I put my first offer on one deal today before I saw your weekly wisdom. Thanks for the tips.

can't wait

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to hear from the girls. I know they're rocking it. keep moving forward, rob


Congratulations to Gena and Andrea - Rock Stars !!!!!!! You girls sound amazing - cant wait to hear your stories!!!

Hi Dean

Great weekly wisdom always, I look forward to the web cast, thanks for the positive information always, I hope to win the Edge tickets.

Thanks Ray

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