Real Estate Investing Weekly Wisdom #273 - (2 FREE TICKETS) Hard Money Secret and More!

Watch the replay of the killer live cast with Gena and Andrea two of Dean's top students as they reveal up to date secrets and share how you can attend this years EDGE event..

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This week find out:

  • How to master your ideal destination
  • The simple step to find insane deals in your backyard through Hard Money lenders.
  • Get the Secrets of Andrea and Gena, two rocks star students kicking the S#%T out of today’s real estate market.
  • And that’s just the start of it.

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Can't Wait

acinvestments's picture

I've loaded up a jar of real estate knowledge beans. I'm ready to spill some, but I'll hold a few back for those ready to take action and attend The EDGE. Cannot wait to talk to you all!

Best of Success,

Whoa Dean!

SouthsideJohnny's picture

That's some serious PASSION there bro'!! Of course, we've come to expect nothing less!

Thanks for the tip about HMLs....very creative and interesting source!

Way to bring it Dean....very motivating!!

I look forward to the webcast with Andrea and Gena...Rock Stars for sure!

Thanks for all you do!!!

- John


I look forward to a great livecast. I registered but did not see the survey. I think the woes and cares of the world press us down so much that we tend to settle for what we have not wanting to sink any further and in the process stop dreaming. When we dream it allows us to set our sight on what we want.

( 2 Free Tickets ) Hard Money Secret and More !

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......I look forward to the live cast on the 4th.....

Thank you for all you do......Smiling



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We are looking forward to the Gain the EDGE Event 2014! We have been to every single Gain the EDGE Event 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and now 2014. These events are always so educational, empowering and motivating for any level real estate investor. It is always such a great time to see old friends and make many new friends as well. Looking forward to it! We wish you continued success in all you do! Make every day count! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

Tip to find deals from Hard money lenders, thanks Dean!!

Ray28CT's picture

I will be working this strategy this week and keep the DG family posted on the success. Also Dean, weather I win the 2 free tickets or not I will be seeing you at the Edge event this year, I promise!! Remember my name

Reynold Orozco

I'm ready!!!!

AndyS's picture

My calendar is marked, my office door is oiled and closable, my pencils are sharpened and my yellow pads are at the ready. I wouldn't miss this livecast for anything ( not that I miss any of them anyway Eye-wink ) Great tip on the HMLs too.

I'm looking forward to hearing you call out my name for the tickets Dean. Laughing out loud

Hope you enjoyed your dinner with the kids Smiling

Till next week,
Andy Sager
DG's AndyS
CFIC & IE member

Hard Money Lender

Dean - You didn't explain the Hard Money Lender secret very good. What is a Hard Money Lender? A bank? What is the strategy?

Kevin A.


I am already registered for the LIVE EVENT, looking forward to this date.
I missed the 28.47 for my sons and my daughter but we still have the DG FAMILY website and hoping they will be jumping to the new era of REI; is the best thing they can do for their retirement and for their lives so they will be able to enjoy; and as for me I will be restarting my education specifically BYE.
Thank you for all your help to the DG Family community, and IE (which I belong to).
Have a wonderful week.
The best to you and your family and of course
your staff.

Such a great weekly wisdom

Hello Dean thanks for sharing with us another great weekly wisdom. I would appreciate it if I can win one of the free tickets to Phoenix, AZ.

I just registered for the live cast and your text alert and I'm glad to look forward to this event. I know is going to be a wonderful one. I love the previous live cast which you did with Matt. I experimented Matt strategy on a deal I'm working on right now and I will be sending the contract to the seller attorney today and as soon as the attorney signs it, I will now market the heck out of this deal. I already have a buyer who I know will get it.

I admire your positive attitude and you've been my spiritual back bone in terms of motivating me to push forward. God bless you and my DG family.
Good luck in your investing to all my DG family
Miami, FL

Thanks Dean

steve and veronica's picture

Thanks Dean for more weekly wisdom.
We have met both lady's that you will have as guest. We met them at an Edge event. Both lady are great investors and yes people they were just like all of us at one time wanting to be investors before they became great investors.

Steve and Veronica

link broken

CaliTony's picture

when you click the link to register for the live cast tomorrow it says it's broken.

Awesome Dean

CaliTony's picture

Thanks so much, well I will go & download your book again to register for the event even though I have already downloaded it Smiling because when you click on the link it actually says Invalid Server Certificat, I believe.

Thx again.

unable to register

Tried to register for the livecast and got the following message twice...

404 Not Found

The requested URL /livecast/register/live_reg.html was not found on this server.
Apache/2.2.3 (CentOS) Server at Port 443

Maybe it's filled already?

Al and Dr. Wells's picture

DGADMIN, can you advise us who are getting the same error and are unable to register?


Amazing video! Life changing opportunities!

steinway024's picture

Hello DGFam,
I'm so excited to be able to "talk to you" on February 4th. Don't you dare miss that livecast. Andrea and I are going to share enough info to change your lives if you will just put it into action! Since I attended my first EDGE in 2009, I have truly measured my astronomical business AND life growth EDGE to EDGE. I can't encourage you enough to come. I want to meet and get to know as many of you as possible! I love the wisdom Dean shared today about knowing what you want and looking in that direction! That's a big secret to your success. Point your eyes, thoughts, energies in the direction you desire and it happens (with work, nothing is magic here). And man - how about that tip on finding deals from hard money lenders! I've got to steal that one! Blessings dear DGFam!

Can't access registration site

Hi DG family and Dean
I have been trying to access the free registration site to register for the live cast and I am getting a 404 error I tried on internet explorer same error as google chrome 404 error.Can someone assist me or does this happen to you also?

Link Fixed

dgadmin's picture

Sorry, we were making a quick change and there was a glitch. It is working again now, go ahead and re-register! =)


Imagine That What you Focus On You Obtain

BrianNorris01's picture

Dag Gummit Dean, I have so many diversions and continue to have them over and over again, year after year. I must be the one putting them there. I must have some self defeating mechanism inside my head which places these obstacles in front of myself. I am my own worst enemy dang it. It seems I spend so much time putting out the small brush fires(diversions) while my real estate business is burning. Once again the Battle is fought "Between My Ears". I am working on it.

staying focused

Great information on focusing on what you want and need and you will obtain the object of your focus. At this time, the reminder to stay focused is very appropriate and I thank you for helping to remember what is important in life. Continue encouraging others. You are a great encourager. Thanks for all you do.

Thanks Dean!

michaelmangham's picture

Great stuff as always! Can't wait to hear form those two female powerhouses!!

See you at the EDGE!


Registration Link working again

Seems to be working now and I am registered and ready to go. Also took the Survey.

great blog

Hi Dean; I just registered cant wait until 4,lots of good education. Carol in Texas

Weekly Wisdom #273 . . .

SilentSeaWolf's picture

Hi Dean,

Thanks for sharing your information!
I look forward to the Live Webcast on the 4th next month. Getting started with real-time information is KEY. Thanks again for sharing Dean!

weekly wisdom

MrsWright1's picture

Dean that was awsome sitting here with my husband who invested in me so that he wouldn't have to work for a boss and you spoke on that tonight I need to take action quick.


CandC's picture

Dean, you are so full of it! lol full of non-stop ideas for every week, event and full of fun! But Andy is not the only one who wants tickets. Yup I also registered and wouldn't and don't miss any of your live casts. Tell Andrea and Gena I will be there or be nowhere!

chricher aka Cher

Total Awesome Weekly Wisdom

thomgilbert's picture

Hey Dean! Way to bring it!

I'm stoked for the upcoming Livecast with the Rockstar Ladies! I've learned so much from them on IE and are both incredible investors!

Loved attending my first EDGE event last year and can't wait for this year!

WOW it makes so much sense (light bulb moment! I need to talk to some hard money lenders immediately!
Thank you!

Make it a great week!


Can't wait!

Hi Dean,

You have stirred me when I was getting frustrated to make the breakthrough in this hard environment with no money in Toronto.

I'm hoping that something will get through for me this time.

to dean

I plan on watching live cast I know it will fun

"Most people know what they

RD2Invest1980's picture

"Most people know what they don't want but can't tell you what they do want." A simple, yet powerful truth indeed!

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