Weekly Wisdom #349 - Watch Out For The Trap!

This week's Weekly Wisdom comes with a very short and powerful message about success... and the traps associated with it.

That's right, when we have successes in any area of our lives, we have to be careful of success traps stopping that success from growing even more.

What are these traps you may be asking? Watch this week's Weekly Wisdom and find out!

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Thanks Dean!

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Great ww, I won't settle and will keep taking MASSIVE ACTION! Thank you for all you do and make it great week!


thank you Dean!

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another awesome Weekly!!

I've never been a person that settles for ok; I'm always working to better myself in all areas, not just financially. I have high expectations for myself (and my family); and surrounding myself with like-minded people helps me stay motivated to keep reaching my goals. I keep pushing myself every day.

Couldn't have achieved the goals I have so far without your education and your continuous motivation Dean! Thank you!


Perfect timing!

I've called this striving for mediocrity, and there is no shortage of people who will encourage a person to stay it the zone of "it could be worse, just be thankful". Indeed, it could be worse, but it's by no means a bad thing to strive for more, after all, success can allow one to better help those who have it much worse!

So, I'm trying to spend time with people who look forward, rather than down, who are vibrant rather than simply alive...it's tough to do at times, but sure feels good when it works!

Thanks Dean!

don't settle for okay

I've often done this and it isn't such a nice place to be knowing you can do and be more. I was talking to a niece this morning, who is in prison, and she works at any type of job, is taking college classes, and joins community groups. She keeps busy to keep her mind on a better level. When she gets out she will be more stable and ready to re-join society. She'll have more motivation than most her age (30) because she has more to gain and live for. If she can be upbeat and determined, I certainly can be.

Who Moved My Cheese

Having difficulty getting off the ground someone keeps moving my cheese.

Really Hit Home

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I'm sure that you were talking about me today. I have been stuck in the success trap for a long time and that coupled with the other big obstacle for me, FEAR, have been holding me back from achieving what I know is possible for a long time. Too long! I am determined to get past these obstacles that have been holding me back and finally gain the success that I want in my life. Thanks Dean.

Magic of Thinking Big

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Thank you for sharing every week Dean! I will say most people just settle... I am not that person. I will say I have many trials in my life however, personal growth is my weapon of MASS SUCCESS! I am reading the Magic of Thinking Big and I will never settle for meritocracy ever, that is not what we were put on this earth for. This book is so powerful and I suggest everyone read it!

Dean i'm gonna squeeze the stuffins out of you


Thank you for your books, real estate sites
and Your Positive words,
your energy your time.

I have heard you say that they real estate education, the tools is not what holds people back from doing their first deal.

And without a question of a doubt I believe that to be a fact to be true.

So my advice for someone who is new to this site
avoid negative people who choose to be negative
all the time they are
a cement sinker.

Your right what's between your ears.
Think about it for a few minutes I'm correct
avoid them like a tsunami is coming to get you.

Dean's 30 days real estate cash is an amazing book.
with extreme valuable information.

The no money flip master class gobs of valuable
information with Matt, Nate, and Dean.

Thank you!!

Success trap ? Really ?

This is crazy. I would really like to have some success, even just a little bit but it eludes me. Trying to start and grown a business is not easy. I have been at it for a long while and accepted that it is not easy but is simple and doable. I have been courageous and worked at staying positive and have no plan to quit or give up. Yet I have to say "forgive me please" as I am super frustrated and confused about why God chose this life for me. I would love it if I could get past the roadblocks of fear and not being good enough. I am reviewing EDGE 15 and wondering just how I can pull it off. How can I get people to believe in me when I am not believing in myself. My life is OK = surviving but not OK because I have had no success in getting customers/clients. Just pray for me and I will keep working at it til I figure it out.

New improved website coming? Another site that I was going to did that and now I can not navigate it so I stopped posting to it. I am the type of person who needs some constants in my life since I have no people in my life other that a few online connections at a distance. As I say please just pray for me. Thanks


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Wow ! thats a good one Dean ! We all have some areas of life where we "settle" for ok. My favorite thing you have taught me over the years is to think bigger in EVERY way ! Thank YOU !

Success in finding an agent, but.......

Hi guys. I actually had an agent to call me because he saw one of my bandit signs and is interested in working with me and says he understands that I work with formulas, ext. but I am still not very clear on how I am supposed to find buyers to sell my properties to if I only have a 10-15% spread between ARV and the price I pay. Just about all of my buyers want a 15-20% spread at least!!! Most want more. Paying an agent another 6% to resell it doesn't make since does it? Or does it?

So I had success with getting an agent,finally, but I want to make sure when I get a property it has a legitimate shot to be sold and I won't have to back out of the deal so that the agent gets his commission and wants to hang around.

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Thanks for the messages and doing whatever it takes for me. I was thinking of that yesterday to raise my standards and not lower it for others. And... thanks for no profanity- raise the standard Dean, I like to share the BYE with grandchildren.

The Trap

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Great WW Dean!

I am a big fan of hip hop music and often rappers and singers will often refer to "the trap" or will say things like "i am from the trap" or "trap or die".

The "trap" they are referring to is the life one is brought up with. Music, specifically hip hop, transcends pain and emotion through rap and singing. So their frustrations of "the trap" all come out in their music.

Everyone has a different definition of their "trap". Someones could be dealing with foreclosure or never having any money. Someone else's could be dealing with low self esteem or battling depression.

I guess what I am trying to say is, we need to identify our TRAP and work to get out of it.

Watch Out For The Trap!

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......Smiling

The decisions we make in live.....will determine the lives we live....

Thank you Dean......for all you do.....xo


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