Weekly Wisdom #353 - Stop Living In Your Head

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to give you insight into what allows me to be so comfortable and confident when I speak on stage or in front of a camera!

Growing up and still to this day I'm more of an introvert than an extrovert, but this personal secret I use to gain confidence on stage or in front of the camera is something that YOU should know to use in your every day life.

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Re: Stop Living in your head

Great weekly wisdom. I'm learning that even though I am an introvert I love people and if they show up to hear what you have to say, it's all good. Just serve them up your wisdom and knowledge and engage them from your heart. You never know the lives you will change. Thanks Dean for this nugget of wisdom this week!

Weekly Wisdom - Speaking from the Heart

Hey Dean - This is sooooo TRUE !!!
You truly speak from the heart & that's what sets you apart from the rest & makes you one of the "Very Best"...Not only do you motivate me & so many others, as well, but it is clear that your genuine heart is one of passion & compassion...passion for what you do & compassion for wanting others to experience success in every area of life!

THANK YOU, Dean, for what you do! You are a blessing !!!

100% on target

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You hit the bullseye. It's all got to come from the heart. Personal, professional. - everywhere.

Make Speaking Easier..

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Huge point Dean.. study up before and say it how you feel it...I,m off to to youtube for Bryan Adams song "Strait from the Heart" Dan in Seattle

speak naturally

We do it all the time and it comes from your knowledge and expertise. Speaking more spontaneously almost always comes from the heart and spirit. More rigid guidelines are what get you uptight and 'in the head'. An outline is fine with a few main points. You aren't really 'winging it' because you actually know what you want to share.

All from try heart!

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Well said Dean! Thanks for the great weekly wisdom!

Make it a great week!

Being smart is useless....

We can safely assume Trump will win the nomination.

By the way, never noticed this before but Dean does not have a strand of white hair. Pretty impressive for a man of his age. But then again. it just goes to show how every detail counts. No matter if it's speech, appearance, or background scene, it's all about the image you portray to get the audience captivated. If Dean spoke gently, had white hair, and looked tired then I'd bet we'd all be turned off. His dynamic youthful appearance moves us to listen to every word and follow every action because that is what we all aspire to achieve.

So in essence, I disagree with this week's wisdom. It's not by chance that Dean has us captivated. Every word and every image is premeditated and choreographed to capture our attention. We are all influenced by the subliminal messages that lie just below the surface.

Thanks Dean

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Thanks Dean for more weekly wisdom.

Steve and Veronica


Study like heck and speak form the heart. I just did this today in a high profile case and all went really well.

Thanks Dean!


Weekly Wisdom #353 - Stop Living In Your Head

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for another great weekly wisdom......Smiling

Well said......Thank you for all you do.....xo


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