Weekly Wisdom #355 - Your Life Depends On It...

In this week's Weekly Wisdom I want to discuss a powerful message I pulled from a book I am currently reading. And with that message comes a question...

How amazing, abundant, joyous and full of success would your life be, if you treated those areas as-if "your life depended on it"?

Well at the end of the day... doesn't your life depend on it? Watch this powerful message and let me tell you why treating these areas of your life like "your life depends on it" is an essential part of experiencing the life you've always dreamed of! Watch now!

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It's never over...unless we stop trying

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I think we get to these plateaus, whether it be of success or failure, and we think we won't have to push so hard - that life will just reach a level of easy. It's just not the reality of this existence. We continually have to get up and try again and again and then again.
Thanks, I needed that.

Thank you Dean

Your message today is excellent and spot on. DO NOT GIVE UP When a person has lived in poverty and the poverty mindset is firmly instilled in us it is hard to see the other side. Some of us can see that there is more and get glimpses of what it would be like to have more. We are being programmed and trained to be minions by media and other people who buy into minion training.
Well, not me. I don't want to be a minion and do what 98% of the people do. I do however want to live well within my means no matter how broke I may be. So, your message is to not quit and continue to find ways to move ahead because our life depends on it. Some things are easy for others and for me, well, I have been working to change things for quite awhile. It is frustrating when I see not only days, weeks or months pass me by, but years. I will then say "what is wrong with me"? only to now answer that nothing is wrong with me and I just have to keep working at it. I am going to write a book about my life and I think I have to start with the end in mind and work backwards. This means I have to have and believe in a firm vision of the ending. I must believe that I am worthy. Thanks again.


Hey thanks Dean for this nugget of information a winner never quits and a quitter never wins and we can continue forward no matter what we face any obstacle and now it's time to make progress like we know what we can do and get it done so here we go again never give up never give in. Thanks for the conscious awareness Big Brother Dean. DG Family to the top of the knowledge pile.

My Life depends on It!

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Thank you Dean!

great Weekly!

Just yesterday, I was thinking that often, with our daily routines, we become complacent in our lives: with our relationships, with our work, with our re investments... and that is a bad place to be in, because that's when we lose our focus and our drive to give the best of ourselves.

Your message today reminds us that we have to believe that our lives depend on everything we do everyday!

As Tony Robbins says... Live with Passion!

It's a Shame

It's such a shame that most of us have to put in so much just to inch a few steps forward. With the logic of persistence and enduring, people like Trump and Branson must have super human attributes. How is it that their efforts result in billions all the while we're all scrounging for peanuts? Some things in this universe defy logic. Perhaps we should accept fate and let the chips fall where they may. It's sure to result in a less stressful existence.

Comfort over Reality

People are a lot less intelligent and a whole lot more ignorant than we imagine. The media talks to people like they are at a 6th grade education level. This is because they have a more accurate idea than we do of the mental capacity of the people to whom they are speaking.

Most people will choose what feels comfortable and pleasant over facing what is real if facing what is true makes them feel uncomfortable or frightens them. People fear the unknown. They will choose willful ignorance, denial, and you will not be their favorite person or considered a friend if you blaspheme their idols, beloved paradigm, their Gods, from which they derive a sense of identity and the security of the known. "Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed."~Nietzsche

wow your good!

Thank you as always you are ONE of a kind.
absolutely no doubt about it!

I will squeeze the stuffins out of you when
I meet you one day. : O )

Hi Dean!

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Great message! Sounds like the deal I just FINALLY closed TODAY! (Well, officially at 8am!) I lost that deal 6 times. Sticking out tongue But my persistent, determined self REFUSED to let it slip by me! Eye-wink

Can't wait to see you at Tony Robbins event! I want to bring my teenagers (11th graders , ages 16 and 15). I don't know if they're too young?

Have a spectacular day! Laughing out loud

Weekly Wisdom #355 - Your Life Depends On It...

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Hi Dean,

Another great weekly wisdom......Smiling

Life is full of bumps in the road, we just need to go around them....to get to our destination...Eye-wink

Thank you for all you continue to do.....xo


Now that was a powerful msg

I watched and listen to this blog the other day but I guess I was distracted because It really sunk in the second time.

This world needs more Dean Graziosi's
Thank you again!

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